Moment 22

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Moment 22 (M22)

SWE> Agamemnon (code sysop 'INFINITE POWER', 12/94-06/95), Elf (Sven-Erik
     Ceedigh, music, 12/94), Firelite (code, 12/94), Grid (gfx, 12/94),
     Ragman (sysop '22 ACACIA AVENUE', 01/95), Skutt (code gfx, later
     Limited Edition, 12/94), Tracing Lords (sysop 'THE BACK ROOM', 12/94),
     Vacum (Johan, music, 12/94), Wirefire (sysop 'OUTPOST', 12/94).
???> Ufo (code, 12/94), Zero! (code, 12/94).

Some of these people later were in Limited Edition, and Grid was later in
the Swedish division of Balance. Vacum competed in The Party 4 music
competition, but was not in the memberlist published in their other
releases at The Party...

  Salvation Mind (1994, 28.12, 40k Intro).
  code: Firelite, Ufo (additional), gfx: Skutt (logo), Grid (rotzoom pic),
  music: Elf. Split 23rd in The Party 4 40k intro competition.
  review: Hasty but OK, this intro consists of three main effects. First up
  is rather noninteresting woman's face wrapped on a sphere, followed by an
  effect that CLOSELY resembles the 1plane fractal stuff in VD's
  'Chaosland', before we finish off with a nice rotzoomer. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Shamed Reality (1994, 28.12, AGA File Slideshow).
  code: Zero!, Skutt (additional), gfx: Grid, Skutt (additional), music:
  Elf. Released at The Party IV.
  review: Ok, nice! I quite like this small slideshow-thing, with rather
  nice graphics by Grid. Still, he should keep on working on the hair...
  There's a good tune to accompany the pictures and the design. This is not
  bad at all! Download, dude. It's no bummer. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.