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Oneway (1WAY)

SWE> Core (code gfx, 06/89-04/90), Galleon (Kristofer, code music, 89-90),
     Gaunt (music, new 06/89), Moppe (Fredrik Segerfalk, music, 06/89-
     04/90), Poison (gfx, 94-02/04), Questor (swap, 06/89), Skyflash (Dan
     Hovang, code, 04/90-94), Spacie (gfx, 06/89), Zizyphus (Fredrik
     Hederstierna, code crack music, 01/89-94).

Oneway was a Swedish group, most known for their crunchers and packers, but
which also released some demos and cracks in their time. Galleon
(Cruelcruncher) and Zizyphus (Zipper) coded some of their early packers, and
later Skyflash and Zizyphus have teamed up to create THE Cruncher AB (93)
and finally ByteBoiler (94). These last two are probably the best sequence
crunchers ever to appear on the C64!
  1989 - The demo "Obelisk 2" [06/89] was released in june.
  1990 - Swedish graphician and swapper Razor (06/89-) left early in
the year. At the Swedish Elite Easter Conference they released their demo
"Pappa Badger" [04/90]. Coder Raistlin left to join Genesis Project.

  Obelisk 2 (1989, .06, Multifile Demo).
  code: Zizyphus, gfx: Razor, Spacie, music: Moppe, Gaunt, Johannes
  review: A nice, though unspectacular, little production. It opens with an
  'intro' part of sorts, which looks pretty much like any old cracktro
  really, and continues with its 'copychain' part. This means people can
  enter their name in a file that is then saved to disk, and thus everyone
  can see the chain of travel from its origin. The next part is the first
  one with a real effect, namely no less than eight vertical scrollers. It
  doesn't look all that awesome, but vertical scrollers do take a lot of
  rastertime, so I guess it's kinda an achievement. Then we're on to a
  fullscreen stretchscroller. We've seen these before, as even the author
  himself says, but it's a pretty cool effect anyhow IMHO =) The final part,
  and the one they seem most proud of, comes with a dycp over a hires
  picture of Tut (you know, the amiga mummy ;D). And that's it!
    The release date is somewhere between the 6th and the 14th of june.
  There is no text indicating this was a party release of any kind. This
  demo announces Gaunt as a new member. [glenn]

  Pappa Badger (1990, 15.04, Demo).
  code: Skyflash, Zizyphus, gfx: Core (logo), Zizyphus, music: Drax/
  Vibrants, Moppe.
  review: Unfortunately, this three part (silent intro and 2 parts really)
  demo devaluates my opinion of this group slightly. You can understand why
  Skyflash and Zizyphus coded more crunchers than demos, so to speak :)
  These are cluttered, unininspiring efforts. Just say NO. The demo is a
  single file. [glenn]