Ozone (new)

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Ozone [new]

???> Cueder (music, doublememb Darkage 02/98).

  Fetish (1999, 14.11, AGA 030 8MB 64k Intro).
  code: Drareg, gfx: Xevious (3d), music: Muffler/Loveboat.
  2nd in the Satellite 2 64k intro competition.
  review:  Sure... Slepless nights filled with emotions, urge and desire.
  Human's life is only a game played to satisfy animal impulses. In this
  64kb presentation Ozone takes you on the journey at dark side of our
  nature. Beware!
    One of the best modern designed intros ever made for amiga. God as main
  creator penetrates (his?) non standard sexual preferences. Photos of women
  faces dressed with leather s/m masques, shots of legs and other body's
  parts. 3D face with teevee screens placed in eyeholes and instead of
  mouth. Rendered objects showed in cutted parts of screen. Little
  black&white pictograms spreaded everywhere. Big dark face inside a field
  of chaotic points. Grotesque dark body's shapes with mouth/eyes/etc.
  clipparts placed on them. Muffler's breakbeat sound. Pure audio-visual
  energy. And don't forget to read texts 'bout girls. Lot of them...
    Watch - watch - watch - watch. And really enjoy it! [kempy]