People of Liberty

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People of Liberty (POL, -

GER> Nafcom (Joerg Droege, mainorg swap write webmaster, 03/03-02/04).
ENG> Merman (Andrew Fisher, code music swap, also in ROLE, 11/02-02/04),
     Richard (music, also in Civitas, new 02/03-02/04).
???> Black (gfx write, new 01-02/04), CBMHardware (code gfx hardware, new
     02/03-02/04), Crome (music, 03/03-02/04), Der Fuchs (write, 03/03-
     02/04), Drake (gfx write, 03/03-02/04), Lord Ronin (write, new 10/03-
     02/04), Megatron (gfx, 03/03-02/04), Phyrne (code, 03/03-02/04),
     Psychodad (gfx music swap, 03/03-02/04), Spatz (swap, 03/03-02/04),
     The Overkiller (trade write, 03/03-02/04), Truss (trade write, 03/03-
     02/04), Wormaus (webmaster, 03/03-02/04).


???> Diabolo (swap write), Ernie (swap), Mr.Tec (code), Punica (paperart
     write swap), Snoopy (write), Sleepless (webmaster), Survivor (code),
     Tim Traveller (code gfx), Variat (paperart).

People of Liberty are a primarily german group, busying themselves among
other things with the diskmag Scene World (
  2003 - Satyr (write swap) was removed from the memberllist in january,
since he was no longer reachable. "Scene World #6" was released in february,
when also Richard/Civitas (music) and Cbmhardware (code gfx hardware) joined
the group. "Scene World #7" was released in may. "Scene World #8" was
relased in august. Lord Ronin (write) joined in october. "Scene World #9"
was released in november.
  2004 - Black (gfx write) joined in january.

  Scene World #6 (2003, .02, Diskmag).

  Scene World #7 (2003, 11.05, Diskmag).

  Scene World #8 (2003, 15.08, Diskmag).

  All (B)ears (2003, 14.09, Musicdisk).
  info: Music collection from Yogibear, released at Back In Time 4.

  Scene World #9 (2003, 04.11, Diskmag).