Pretzel Logic

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Pretzel Logic (P.L, 1988-)

SWE> Fredrik 'Rico' Blom (code, 90-91), Johannes Sjogren (gfx, ex Visual/
     Science 451, new late 91), Jonas Holmsten (gfx, 90-91), Mikael
     'Micke' Edlund (gfx, 90-91), Rastan (11/89), Sanke M. 'SMC' Choe
     (music, also in The Imperium Arts, 91-04/93).

Pretzel Logic is a Swedish demo group, born in November 1988. In a
memberlist in the note for their demo "The Royal Scam" [91], they claim to
also have an Amiga coder, Fredrik Eriksson. The name of the group comes
from an album title by Steely Dan.
  1993 - In the first few months of the year, SMC joined the musicgroup The
Imperium Arts as his second group, and made quite a few tunes for their
release of "Zakplayer 3.2" [04/93].

  Gaucho (Demo).
  Apprently made before the game 'Phaedra'.

  Phaedra (Game).
  code: Fredrik Blom, gfx: Mikael Edlund, music: SMC/Skyline Technics.
  review: Phaedra is, quite simply, just another TETRIS. No frills, really,
  just another TETRIS. There are far worse than this around, of course, but
  there are also quite a few that's better. Some better brick graphics and
  some sound effects would have helped a lot! The game is a single file.

  Batmania (1990, spring, Filedemo).
  code: Fredrik Blom, gfx: Jonas Holmsten, Micke Edlund (chars), music: JCH
  (intro), Maniacs of Noise (demo).
  review: A pretty standard tie-in demo, made to 'cash in' on the then new
  'Batman The Movie'. The intro part is a simple logo and upscroller, while
  the demo part is a standard scroller and an animated picture of the batguy
  himself. All graphics seem original, and quite acceptable. Both music
  pieces are ripped, but are quite good.
    Found a copy of this on a disk where everything else was from may 1990,
  so that may give you a good indication that the release date was somewhere
  thereabouts =] [glenn]

  The Royal Scam (1991, late, Multiload Demo).
  code: Fredrik Blom, gfx: Mikael Edlund, Jonas Holmsten, music: Sanke Choe,
  JCH/Vibrants, TDM/Triad.
  review: Another nice demo from Pretzel Logic, with some nicely designed
  parts. The best two are the one with the animated person in the swing, and
  the Palm Beach part. A nice demo, with glimpses of a good atmosphere in
  places. There's nothing really wrong with this demo, it's just not
  fabulous. It's good, but not exceptional. All included music (including
  the JCH tunes) appear to have been made exclusively for this demo. This is
  supposedly the first time ever a tune is released written by JCH in his
  digi player (samples, not just synthetic sound). There is also a note in
  addition to the demo. They‘ve used their own noter, and it's pretty nice.
  It was coded by Fredrik Blom, with graphics by Mikael Edlund and music by
  JCH/Vibrants. This demo introduced Johannes Sjogren as a new member.