Radwar Enterprises

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Radwar Enterprises (RWE)

Radwar was a German group, and originally a subgroup of The Light Circle (TLC). The name Radwar is an abbreviation of the two words "Radiological Warfare". They were legendary for a number of reasons. They were the first to open the top border (1001 Crew, who is credited with 'opening the borders' first in most references, opened the sideborders and not the top/bottom); they arranged legendary copy parties, and also had a legendary performance in the german tv show "Highscore", where they discussed cracking games. That performance was followed by a big police crackdown soon after.

The game "Logo" (released through Starbyte Software) had at least protection written by MWS - don't know if the entire game was written by him... Thanks to Rene 'Mark' for some information.


AVH (12/87)
BKA (12/87)
DEF (12/87)
MWS (12/87)
TC (12/87).