Red Sector, Alpha Flight and Spectral Party '90

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21-22.04  Red Sector, Alpha Flight and Spectral party 90.
Held at a hotel in Echternach, Luxembourg for the amiga scene. About 150 to
200 people attended, and there were so many visitors at the partyplace, it
was impossible to walk around. There was an enormous amount of legends in
attendance; groups and persons like Success, Brainstorm, Red Sector, AFL,
Surpeme, Spreadpoint, Tristar Cascade, Abakus, Tarkus Team, Abyss, Thomas
Landspurg, Irata, Frederic Hahn, FFC, Dark and many more. Level 4 means it
was a good party. Probably identical to the RSI and Spectre party, mentioned
in "Digital" (norwegian paper fanzine).

· Information from Digital (amiga paper fanzine) 04/90.
· Additional information from these sources:
  - Party report and results from Level 4's "DISC #3".
  - Party report from Brainstorm's "Zine #5".
  - Some other informations from Victims Demolist 1990.
  - others from Boil demoguide 1990.

amdemo  1.  Luke/Brainstorm "Vectordemo" (aka Whirlwind, Megademo part).
        2.  Vision 1/Alpha Flight "Star Chars".
        3.  Bird/Brainstorm "Balldemo" (aka Sphere, Megademo part).

other   Aeon & Mindkillers "Mega-Music Disk" (amiga).
        Brainstorm "Megademo" (amiga demo).
        Brainstorm "Zine #4" (amiga diskmag).
        Cult "Sounds Of Doom Demo" (amiga).
        I.r.i.s. "Artefact" (amiga megademo).
        Level 4 "Musicdisk" (amiga).
        Magic Arts (amiga).
        Spectral "Native Dipsomania" (amiga).