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Revive album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne
Year Published 1999
Genre Electronic
Length 1:12:08
Producer Bjørn Lynne
Catalogue No. CYCL 087

Revive was Bjørn Lynne's eighth solo album, featuring re-arranged and re-recorded brand new versions of some of the 'hits' from his early years.

Track Listing

(Album preview)

  1. 12th Warrior (Track preview)
  2. Bridge to the Universe, part 1 (Track preview)
  3. Himalayan Summit (Hightop) (Track preview)
  4. Empty Spaces (Track preview)
  5. Moongazer (Track preview)
  6. Space Deliria 2000 (Track preview)
  7. Niagara (Track preview)
  8. Empty Spaces 2 (Track preview)
  9. Cosmos (Track preview)
  10. Session (Track preview)
  11. Bridge to the Universe, part 2 (Track preview)
  12. [Bonus track] Union City Conspiracy (Track preview)

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