Rosebud Extravaganza

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          Rosebud Extravaganza.
ROS91 was held in Solingen, Germany by Hijack/Splash and Backlash/Panic &
Agnostic Front (the two are brothers) for the amiga scene. The date is as
yet uncertain, but it's been described as 'early 1991'. It was a relatively
small meeting in the cave of a local school. Groups in attendance were
Agnostic Front, Bloodsuckers, The Silents, Panic, Defjam, Splash, Frantic,
Razor 1911 and probably a few others. It was more of a social event than an
oldfashioned computer party, with outdoor activities such as playing
football etc getting much attention too.

other   Splash "Trackmo" (amiga).