Slipstream Summer Conference '90

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28-29.06  Slipstream Summer Conference 90.
Held in Bournemouth, England by Slipstream for the amiga scene. The demo
competition was decided by a jury, consisting of Mike and Jester/Quartex,
Havoc/Ecstacy, Alchemist/Crack UK and two others.

· Information from party report in Stolen Data #4 (amiga diskmag).

amdemo  1.  Share and Enjoy "Amazing Tunes 2 Intro" (154).
        2.  Slipstream (139).
        3.  The Hacking Relation (THR) (94).
        xx. Anarchy "Slipstream Party - Bournemouth '90 Intro" (amiga).
        xx. Decay "Summer Conference" (amiga).
        xx. Magnetic Fields "demo" (amiga).

after   Slipstream "Bournemouth Party Slide" (amiga).