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Barry Leitch
photo of Barry Leitch

Photo courtesy of Barry Leitch.
Handle(s) The Jackal
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About Barry Leitch

A photo of Barry Leitch's studio, taken in 2009

Barry has been creating audio for electronic mediums since 1986 and has created audio for a large number of platforms. Having worked on over 250 games and many toy products, you may well have already heard some of his music. Barry has worked for Imagitec, Ocean, Origin, Boss, Atari & Fisher Price in the past. Tired of the cyclic nature of the video game industry Barry freelances from his studio in Ohio and enjoys spending time with his kids.

Collaborative Albums


Inferno (album cover)

This album was a collaborative project composed, performed and produced by Alien Sex Fiend with Barry Leitch.


Immortal (album cover)

This album features studio versions of Amiga game soundtracks, two of which were performed by Barry.

Immortal ²

Immortal ² (album cover)

This album also features studio versions of Amiga game soundtracks, two of which were performed by Barry.

Immortal 3

Immortal 3 (album cover)

The third in the series, which again features studio versions of Amiga game soundtracks, one of which was performed by Barry.


Zombie Nightmare

A remix of the music from the ZX Spectrum game "Zombie Zombie". Original game and tune was created by Sandy White.

I Am Your Brother

"I am your Brother" featuring Renaldo Lapuz and the Ps22 Chorus. A wee collaboration just for fun with a VERY talented choir in NYC.

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Comments Year Team / Publisher
Airborne Ranger 1989 MicroProse / MicroProse
American Gladiators 1991 Imagitec Design / Gametek
Back to the Future Part III 1991 Image Works, Probe / Konami
Combo Racer 1990 Imagitec Design / Gremlin
DNA Warrior 1989 Artronics / Artronics
European Champions 1993 Audiogenic Software / Ocean
Frankenstein 1992 Zeppelin Games / Zeppelin Games
Gadget Twins 1991
Gemini Wing 1989 The Sales Curve, Imagitec Design / Virgin Games
Gilbert - Escape from Drill 1989 Again Again / Enigma Variations
Harlequin 1992 Warp Factory / Gremlin Graphics
Hero Quest 1991 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Graphics
The Humans 1992 Imagitec Design / Mirage
The Humans (CD³²) 1994 Imagitec Design / Gametek
Impossamole 1990 Core Design / Gremlin Graphics
Lethal Weapon 1992 Ocean / Ocean
Lothar Matthäus 1993 Audiogenic Software / Ocean
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 1991 Magnetic Fields / Gremlin Graphics
MicroProse Soccer 1989 Electronic Pencil Co. / MicroProse
Pegasus 1991 Optimus Software / Gremlin Graphics
The President is Missing 1988 Cosmi Corp. / Cosmi Corp.
Prophecy I - The Viking Child 1990 DMA Systems Ltd, Imagitec Design Ltd / Wired
Silk Worm 1988 The Sales Curve, Random Access / Virgin Mastertronic
Space Crusade - The Ultimate Encounter Title and Ingame 1992 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Graphics
Stratego 1991 Imagitec Design Ltd / Accolade
Super Cars II Ingame 1991 Magnetic Fields / Gremlin Graphics
Suspicious Cargo 1991 Exile Designs, Imagitec Designs / Gremlin Graphics
Switchblade II 1991 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Graphics
Treasure Trap 1990 Doodlebug Designs Ltd, Emerald Software / Electronic Zoo
T.F.X - Tactical Fighter Experiment 1997 Ocean, Digital Image Design / CU Amiga
Ultima V 1988 Origin Systems Inc, Lord British, DMA Systems Ltd / Mindscape International
Universal Monsters 1992 Ocean / Ocean
Utopia - The Creation of a Nation 1991 Celestial Software / Gremlin Graphics
Zone Warrior 1991 Imagitec Designs / Electronic Arts


Demo Comments Year Group / Party
No Barry Leitch demo music in the archive

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