Triangle - Amiga Lords Party

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02-05.03  Triangle - Amiga Lords party.
Held at a school in Karlstad, Sweden for the Amiga scene. Zyx were
originally going to co-organizers, but after some internal problems left the
organizer crew. The Gang is another group often mentioned as a coorganizer
of this event; this is true, that group was part of Triangle. There were
some hardware theft problems... The demo competition's deadline was pushed
forward several times. As you can very well see, our results are far from
complete, so please contribute!

· Information from party report in Alpha Flight's "Cracker Journal #13".
· Information from party report in North Star's "Exceller 8 #3".

invit   Amiga Lords "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  01.  ???
        02.  ???
        03. Triangle "Gigademo III".
        09. Byterapers "Csa Demo4".
        xx. Atomic - Unitrax "Scroll".
        xx. Byterapers "Csa Demo 3".
        xx. Celebrandil/Fairlight "Silver".
        xx. Celebrandil/Fairlight "Winner".
        xx. Freedom Force "Megademo".
        xx. Hitech & Ydex "Bonedemo".
        xx. Hitech & Ydex "Chopper".
        xx. Powerdrive "Hyperspace".
        xx. Spectre "New Demo".