Undercover (album)

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Undercover album cover.
Studio album by Bjørn Lynne & Adam Skorupa
Year Published 2006
Genre Electronic
Length 50:00
Producer Bjørn Lynne & Adam Skorupa
Catalogue No. LYNCD017

Undercover was a 14-track album composed and produced by Bjørn Lynne in cooperation with his long-time friend and fellow Amiga/PC demo-scene musician Adam Skorupa (aka "Skorpic"). Some of you will know Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa from his work in the Electronica music group Aural Planet.

The music on this album was inspired by crime thrillers and spy films.

Track Listing

  1. Under Cover of Darkness
  2. Chase the Mob
  3. Cracking the Code
  4. Secret Agent
  5. Deadly Mission
  6. The Sixth Sign
  7. House of Glass
  8. The Spy Game
  9. Evasive Target
  10. Mission Incredible
  11. Night Maneuvers
  12. Intricate Steps
  13. Hidden Agenda
  14. Espionage

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