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DEN> Gator (Thomas Rasmussen, swap, 02/90), Mason (crack, 92).
GER> Ghost (swap, 07/90).
???> 2Cool (ex Mr.German/Dynamix, new 02/90), Mzk (gfx), Ray (code, 92),
     Tecon (gfx, new 02/90), Wave (gfx, 92).

Unicess were a Danish cracking group.
  1990 - Mr.German joined from Unicess around february, and changed his
handle to 2Cool. Tecon (previously in Starion) returned to the scene around
february, and joined Unicess. Exory was caught cheating by the post office
around the same time, but vowed to not stop swapping. Danish cracker Exory
left around july to build his own group, Holocaust.

  Belgian members Divine (code) and Yoga (gfx) left the group for WOW.
Divine released the first issue of "Internal" for this group; subsequent
releases were made for WOW.

  Popcorn #3 (1990, .01, Diskmag).
  code: Mason, gfx: Mzk, music: ???/Prosonix, editor: Mason.
  review: This is perhaps a pretty thin excuse for a 'diskmag'; it's a
  single 50-block file for the entire issue. It's more like an extended
  note. The top of the screen has a swinging Unicess logo, and at the
  bottom a scroller resides. The rest of the screen is for the text, and
  you progress through the pages with the spacebar.
    The release date is a guess, based on the fact that it refers to events
  that happened at the Dominators and Upfront party, which was in december