Upfront (c64)

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DEN> Einstein (code), Groucho (gfx), Johannes Bjerregaard (music, aka
     Jozz), Zoro (gfx).
???> ASC, Blitz, Hades, Ray, Robotron, Stargate, Tech.

Upfront was a danish demo group.
  Thanks to 'Mark' for the Stargate quote.

  Toaster (File).
  code: Einstein, gfx: Savage/2000 AD and Mr.3D/Starion (coop picture), Zoro
  (sprites), Groucho (sprites), music: Johannes Bjerregaard.
  review: This small 3-part demo is technically competent, with some
  nicelooking parts. The first part is a 'real tech-tech' routine performed
  on Savage and 3D's cooperation picture, with a bouncing spritescroller
  overlaid. The second part is also quite nice, with a version of Glenn
  Miller's "In The Mood" on the soundtrack and some nice rasterbars bouncing
  about with another spritescroller. The third and final part presents a 28
  sprite multiplexed DYSP routine, controllable with the joystick. This is
  an especially good part, IMHO, with sprites and a good soundtrack.
  Unfortunately, no time of release appears anywhere in the demo. They do
  mention they've started doing Amiga demos too, with Einstein coding.

  Freezer (1989, File Demo, 90 blocks).
  code: Stargate (main), gfx: Tech, Zero, music: Johannes Bjergaard.
  info: Very remarkable demo, among the best this year. quote by Stargate:
  "Johannes Bjergaard composed the music especially for this demo to
   minimize raster usage. He did the music within 2 days after we realized
   we had forgotten the music. Tech & Zero did the graphics in less than a
   day for the same reason. We called it 'Freezer' because the 2. Upfront
   demo was called 'Toaster' (for some reason nobody can remember) and we
   liked the theme of 'kitchen objects'; we thought that 'frezzer' was a
   cool demo, hence the name."