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Vermes (VMS)

???> Colabor (code, late95), Eye (music, 12/94), Harti (gfx, 12/94), Trash
     (code gfx, 12/94).

Colabor coded the painter utility "Super Hires Interlace Editor".
  1995 - Colabor contributed a noter to the Agony demo "Love" late this
  1996 - Archangel left to form a new polish division of Alpha Flight around

  Exodus (1994, 29.12, File).
  code: Trash, gfx: Harti, Trash, music: Eye.
  2nd in the Elysium Party demo competition.
  review: Not a very good demo from Vermes this time, I'm afraid. Not really
  anything directly wrong with it either, it's just so utterly uninspiring
  and uninteresting. For every truly great demo you see, you sit through
  about a 100 boring ones. This is one of those 100. [glenn]