Vision and Mirage X-Mas Party

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22-23.12  Vision and Mirage X-Mas Party.
Held in Tilburg, Holland for the amiga scene. About 300 people attended.
There was a bigscreen for demos, games and even some new movies (Exorcist
III, Flatliners). There was, for once, no problems with the power supply!
Someone stole a vcr from behind the stage. Members of Pussy kept putting
their stickers EVERYWHERE, finally prompting the arrangers to ask them to
stop or leave. Panic were the real third-place winner in the demo
competition, but they had already left so the prize went to Pussy instead!
This was a really busy weekend in Holland, apparently, with three
simultaneous parties! Graphics, music and demo competitions were held, any
results in addition to the ones presented here would be most welcome...

· Information and results from report in D-Tect's "Hack-Mag #3" (amiga).

invit   Vision and Mirage "Tilburg Copy Party Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Animators "Iraq Demo".
        2.  Vermin "Megademo".
        3.  Pussy "XXX-Mess Demo".
        xx. Panic.
        xx. The Special Brothers (2 demos).

other   Legend "Sliding" (amiga crack).
        RAF "Beat Dis 6" (amiga).
        The Bass "Sampleman Music Disk V" (amiga).