Warriors of Wasteland

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Warriors of Wasteland (WOW, http://members.aol.com/skonarkows/)

BEL> Chacke (crack, 91-06/93), Einstein (Ives, mainorg swap, 01/91-06/93),
     Matt (swap, 02/92-06/93), Stormlord (swap, 02/91-06/93).
GER> Iceman (Stephan Hofmann, code gfx, 07/98).
NOR> Wax (swap, 06/93).
???> Alih (music, 02/04), Alive (06/93), Azzaro (06/93), Boca (06/93),
     Cliff (code, ex Cult, 06/93), Drakkar (06/93), DST (04/98), Ispace
     (rejoined from Duel, new 01/91-06/93), Kingpin (06/93), Morbid (code
     music, also in Rebels, 06/93), Nantco (06/93), Pfk (code music,
     07/98), Pussyfooter (rejoined 09/94), Sorex (supply, later Nostalgia,
     06/93-12/98), THCM (06/93), Tristar (06/93), Vince (06/93), WHV-Design
     (06/93), Vip (gfx music, triplememb Padua and Role, 07/98-02/04).


BEL> Cruel (swap, ex Energy, new 01/91), Divine (Nico, code crack editor,
     01/91), Hires (gfx swap, ex Internal Affairs, new late90), Humanoid
     (music swap, 01/91), Jones (code crack swap), Rainman (ex Energy, new
     01/91), Turricane (swap, 02/91), Yoga (gfx), Zod (digitizer swap).
GER> Dense (swap, 01/91), Elwood (code gfx, ex Abyss, new late90-01/91),
     Scum (gfx), Vincent (gfx, ex Fresh, new 01/91).
NOR> Unix (code swap, ex Quintex).
SWE> Tech (swap, 03/92).
ENG> Maestro (Rodney, swap, 03/92).
SCO> Rimtrix (swap, 03/92).
N-L> Airtec (Maarten Dries, swap, 01/91).
???> Alien (Stefan Konarkowski, music), Apollo (trade), Beachtiger (ex Mega
     Power Design, new 01/91), Birdman (new 01/91), Clive (new 01/91),
     Death Stalker (ex Mega Power Design, new 01/91), Hitch (code), Jake
     The Snake (new 01/91), Joker (Gavin, swap, 02/92), Kid (code swap, ex
     Orion), Mayday (ex Disoner, new 01/91), Ranko (ex Akrak, new 01/91),
     The Overlord (code, new 01/91), Vinzz (gfx, 01/91).

WOW is a mainly Belgian cracking group, under the leadership of Einstein.
  1991 - The first 'real' issue of Internal, "Internal #3 - The Next
Generation" [01/91] was released at Venlo in january, announcing a.o. that
supplier Ziggy (who had joined from Legend not much earlier) had left the
scene. This left the group once again without an original supplier, but the
group held had an internal meeting in Antwerp to discuss their supplier
problems, and were confident that they would sort out their problems.
"Internal #4" [02/91] was thus released at Venlo in february. Belgian
swapper Tornado (01/91) left for F4CG early in the year. Hunter left WOW in
november after having some problems with Matt, and joined Talent.
  1993 - Belgian swapper Stormbringer joined Role, and Cruel joined Epic and
Device early in the year. Coder and trader Pulse left the group from Excess
in may. Witty (gfx) joined from Lithium in may, and contributed an intro
picture to Bodycount's "Vandalism News #10" [06/93] in june. Morbid joined
as a doublemember from Rebels, while Cliff/Cult joined up around june.
Corrosive, Witty, Roadkill and Silver (gfx) were kicked out in june! Silver
joined Red Sector Inc. in october.
  1994 - Pussyfooter rejoined as coleader in september.
  1995 - News that they had died around january (published in a.o. Newspress
#16) would prove to be false.

  Internal #2 (1990, .12?, Diskmag).
  code: Divine, gfx: Vincent/Fresh (logo), music: n/a.
  review: This is almost an internal magfile for the group, but still made
  as a production. It opens with an intro of sorts, with a red WOW logo with
  two bizarre blue faces on either side on top of the screen, and what seems
  to be two border patterns occupying the space beneath it. You expect some
  text or something to appear between these two borders, but nothing ever
  does, so you press space. The main part is a simple mag routine, with a
  logo at the top of the screen and text pages that can be flipped between
  with + and -. Not much to read, mostly (as mentioned) internal news and
  memberlist etc. The mag comes with a simple note, written with a
  notewriter also coded by Divine, "Madness V5". The music in the intro is
  entirely forgettable, while the main tune is nicely melodic.
    This mag announces a lot of changes for the group, most notably the
  joining of Divine - the first issue of "Internal" was released for his
  previous group Unicess. Kid (ex Orion) joined; Scorpie (gfx, ex Crest)
  joined briefly before moving on to F4CG; germans Elwood and Scum joined
  from Abyss; Hires joined from Internal Affairs [no entry]; norwegian coder
  and swapper joined from Quintex [no entry]; Yoga (gfx) joined with Divine
  from Unicess; Ispace left the group for Duel [no entry].
    Prior to the release of Internal #2, the group had experienced some
  problems; due to problems with their original supplier they were unable to
  make releases, and therefore lost their american section. This mag
  announced Ziggy had joined from Legend, thus giving the group a supplier
  again. A remark in the note lead us to believe it was released at Venlo,
  probably (but not certainly) in december. The mag is a single file.

  Internal #3 - The Next Generation (1991, 26.01, Filemag).
  code: Divine, gfx: Vincent (intrologo), Scorpie/F4CG (maglogo), Elwood
  (big char), music: Image (intro), Prosonix (mag), editor: Divine (main),
  Einstein. Released at the Venlo Meeting.
  review: This issue IS quite an improvement on the last one, both as far as
  coding and content is concerned. The first news is that it is now
  published by Dynamic Design (DD), a WOW subgroup. It never becomes evident
  exactly who, besides Divine, is a member of this subgroup, but... =) This
  issue opens with a short, simple scroll informing us about DD and the
  release venue, before the real intro. They've used the logo from last
  issue's magpart, kept the borders from last issue's intro, and inserted a
  scroller inbetween these. The music is entirely forgettable. Space.
    The mag itself has gotten the biggest overhaul. First of all, it is now
  controlled with the joystick, which is a marked improvement on last
  issue's +/- method. The second BIG news is that this is now a REAL mag,
  not just WOW's internal mag (despite the fact that they've kept the name).
  This means increased editorial content; in this issue just news and a
  pretty uninteresting interview. The screen design is also new, there is
  now a new city skyline-style blue Internal logo at the top of the screen,
  with the words The Next Generation scrolling by. The news item about
  RAF/Vision joining Hitmen with Curlin is untrue; see the review of next
  issue for more information.
    This issue carries news of further big changes in WOW, perhaps most
  dramatically that Ziggy left the scene, again leaving the group without an
  original supplier. Members were admitted en masse, those whose joing was
  announced in this issue was: Vincent (whose logo was used in both the last
  and this issue) from Fresh; Hires from Internal Affairs (already announced
  in the last issue); Jake The Snake, The Exorcist (who promptly changed his
  handle to The Overlord); Birdman; Ranko/Akrak [no entry]; Rainman/Energy;
  Ispace/Duel (who rejoined); Mayday/Disoner [no entry] and Clive - 10 in
  total. Elwood was caught by both the post and the police, and so had to
  stop all swapping. [glenn]

  Internal #4 (1991, .02?, Filemag).
  INT - code: The Overlord, gfx: Vinzz (logo), music: none.
  MAG - code: Dicine, gfx: Scorpie (logo), Elwood (big char), music:
        Prosonix, editor: Divine (main), Einstein.
  review: After the uninspiring intro (OK logo tho') with absolutely NO
  music, for some reason, we reach a mag that hasn't changed one single bit
  visually since the last issue. Not only that, the very first page says
  'INTERNAL #003'! This REALLY IS issue #4 though. The rest of the mag has
  not changed much since last time; the usual news and release charts are
  ever present. There is even two movie reviews this time, for some reason,
  for Home Alone and Highlander 2. The music is the same great tune as last
  time; sad they couldn't find a new one for each issue... They misspell
  Glerc/Science 451's name in the news section. There's a letter published
  by Curlin/Hitmen, clearing up a problem with the news in the previous
  issue, where it was claimed that someone named 'RAF' joined the group
  together with Curlin; this is untrue.
    Also this issue presented some internal news from WOW; Rainman has coded
  two games and is searching for publishers; Cruel joined from Energy;
  Beachtiger and Death Stalker joined from Mega Power Design. [glenn]

  5 Years Of WOW (1992, 28.12, Demo).
  Released for The Party 92 demo competition.

  Home Invasion (1998, 18.07, Demo).
  code: Iceman (main), Pfk (intro), gfx: Vip (pic), Hogan/Reflex (logo+pic),
  Iceman, music: Pfk (main), Vip (end).
  2nd in the Wired 98 demo competition.
  review: This lost out to Smash Designs in this compo, and we can't say
  anyhting else than that that was a totally fair decision. While "Outbreak"
  was an above-average demo, "Home Invasion" is simply an average demo.
  After an introductory sequence with mostly b&w imagery and a plasma-like
  effect combined with occassional tv noise to present the credits, we are
  shown a "H.I." logo before the demo loads the next part. This part was
  mostly done by Pfk.
    The first effect in the next part is a colorcircle-zoomer, done in 8x8
  resolution, but quite nicelooking anyway... Then another "H.I." logo, this
  time in b&w. A nice shadebobs effect follows, a small poem and then onto a
  fullscreen pic by Vip. The next part has an awesome WOW 98 logo done by
  Hogan/Reflex, certainly the best image in this demo! Other than that, it
  features some tech-tech-over-rasterbars wizardry at the bottom of the
  screen and a greeetingsscroll. Then an otherwise unfilled screen shows us
  a poem, and then a picture of Bill Gates which is duly morphed into shape
  =) We end our show with a small picture of a dragon done by Hogan/Reflex,
  and a b&w image saying THE END with a little text overlaid explaining the
  name of the demo and where it was released.
    The demo comes with a note written using Nos Writer 1.1 by ZZR/Nitrus in
  july of 1996. It features the music piece "Sub" by Per Almered, which
  probably came with the writer. Iceman mentions a hidden part in the note,
  if anyone knows how to access this then we'd like to know =) The demo is
  multifile, but with a directory structure that obscures the real size.

  Halfbaked (1998, 19.09, Demo).
  code: Raven, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.
  3rd in the X 98 demo competition.