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Zoko Team (ZT, 1989-1989, http://gudbrand.no/zoko/)

NOR> Amin (Geir Karlsen, gfx, 11/89), Dr.Silence (Anders Brenli, music,
     06-11/89), Sharkey (Cato Broberg, code gfx, 06-11/89), Stuff (Torleif
     Dønnestad, gfx, 11/89), Thrax (Gudbrand Eggen, code gfx, 06-11/89).

Zoko Team was a Norwegian demo group, based around Aas, Norway, formed by
Sharkey and Thrax in late 1988 or early 1989.
  1989 - The group was reinforced with Amin and Stuff on the c64 sometime
between june and november. Demo coding slowed towards the end of the year,
as the group concentrated on a proposed game they were developing for Double
Density - mentioned in scrolltexts in their final demo "Exquisite II"

  Exquisite (1989, 24.06, Demo).
  code: Sharkey, Thrax, Bitbuster/Raw Deal (loader), gfx: Sharkey, Thrax,
  Davinci/Killers, Brooze/Megastyle, Mocean/independent, Moonray/Shadows,
  Kent/Raw Deal, Duck/Quackers, music: Dr.Silence/Zoko Team, Henning
  Rokling/independent, Johannes Bjerregaard/independent, ???/Channel 42,
  Tornado/Shadows. Winner of the IT, Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers, Network
  Gigaparty 89 demo competition!
  review: Zoko Team definitely need to learn a thing or two about design,
  but have still come up with a fairly ok demo here... though how deserving
  it was of this demo competition win (ahead of e.g. the excellent
  "Suitable" from Raw Deal Inc.) is a toss-up. The music is partly ripped,
  but also features some pieces done by their musician Dr.Silence.
  Graphically there is nothing really inadequate, and nothing really
  outstanding... In fact, the entire demo does carry an air of mediocricy
  about it. Sorry.
    The demo tends to crash on part 5's loader; just load the file "ZT07"
  separately and continue from where you left off. The demo contains a total
  of 8 parts, totalling 10 files and 475 blocks. [glenn]

  Exquisite II (1989, 14.10, Demo).
  code: Sharkey, Thrax, gfx: Amin, Stuff, Davinci/Killers, Moonray/Shadows,
  Duck/Quackers, music: Dr.Silence, ???/SCS, Jozz/ìndependent.
  Released for the Shape & TRC demo competition, unplaced.
  review: Graphically, it works a lot better than the previous edition, with
  a lot better design and some pretty good logos. Most of the music is even
  own-produced this time, which is an additional plus. Please note that the
  placement of this demo under the party above is little more than a guess.
  This was the group's last ever released demo. [glenn]