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TFMX links

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:49 am
by alexh
There was a discussion on EAB about TFMX native players and I linked to the exotica TFMX page however some of the links there are dead / missing.
"tfmxplay (Jonathan H. Pickard, w/ Src !)"
There is no link (presumably because the site is now dead). Here is a link to for the last version of Jonathan H. Pickard's website. The last version of tfmxplay was 0.16 before development was passed to David Banz
TFMX-play 0.2 (D Banz)
Again no link, his website too has gone but here is a link to the last version. The last version of TFMX-play he did was 1.1.6.

(NOTE: D Banz's dead site is linked in the external links at the bottom of the Exotica TFMX page)

Someone has since (2017) done a fix to TFMX-play and called it 1.1.7 (surprise surprise)