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General Information

Chris Hülsbeck.

© 1988/89 Chris Hülsbeck & Peter Thierolf.

The Final Musicsystem eXtended". An elaborate music format devised and created by Chris Hülsbeck, with Peter Thierolf writing the editor. Unlike most early formats, TFMX logically separates the sequencer from the synthesizer, each independently running patterns resp. macros. The 7 voice replayer was created by Jochen Hippel.

Technical Information

File Prefix/Extension
mdat (pattern data)
smpl (sample data)
Replayer/Format Specifications
(Un)official specs 2.0 Format (Jonathan H. Pickard).
AMoRE description available here for TFMX (Markus).
Official 1.5 & 2.2 editors, unofficial 1.6 editor fixed w/ source + replay + 7V hacks (Jonathan H. Pickard) here.


TFMX-play (Jonathan H. Pickard, David Banz, Ralf Hoffmann)
TFMX plug-in for XMMS (David Le Corfec)

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Year Team / Publisher
Abandoned Places - A time for heroes 1992 ArtGame / Electronic Zoo
Apprentice 1990 Rainbow Arts / Rainbow Arts
Brainball 1991 Traveling Bits / Traveling Bits
Circus Attractions 1989 Golden Goblins / Golden Goblins
The Curse of Ra 1990 Cyberstyle / Rainbow Arts
Danger Freak 1988 Rainbow Arts / Rainbow Arts
Einmal Kanzler sein 1991 Traveling Bits / Computerpartner T&S GmbH
Fatal Heritage - A oneway-ticket around the world 1990 Delta Konzept / Ego Software
Fly Harder 1993 Starbyte / Demonware
Grand Monster Slam 1989 Rainbow Arts / Golden Goblins
Hard 'n' Heavy 1989 reLINE / reLINE
Lethal Zone 1991 Double Density, Infernal Byte Systems / AMIGAfun
Ooops Up 1990 Sillicon Warriors / Demonware
The Power 1991 Demonware / Demonware
P.P. Hammer and His Pneumatic Weapon 1991 Traveling Bits / Demonware
R-Type 1989 Rainbow Arts, Factor 5 / Electric Dreams
Rock 'n Roll 1989 Dynamic Vision / Rainbow Arts
Turrican 1990 Factor 5 / Rainbow Arts
Tusker 1990 System 3 / System 3
X-Out 1990 Rainbow Arts / Rainbow Arts

See also TFMX Pro and TFMX 7V for more music.


Demo Year Group / Party
No TFMX demo music in the archive
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