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EaglePlayer main panel

EaglePlayer first appeared in 1993.

It has since had numerous amendments, up to and including the final v2.03β, which is now available for free.

Although work on EaglePlayer ceased in 1998, the authors have kindly allowed the source code to be made open source in 2004.


EaglePlayer multi-window example

(Taken from the EaglePlayer documentation)

The Eagleplayer is a program package for replaying music of different soundformats in a very comfortable way. It CANNOT be used for creating music, therefore it should not be mistaken for a musiceditor, sequencer, tracker and so on. Internally, it consists of replayers for Sound/Noise/Protracker, Startrekker(AM) & Audiosculpture(AM), other Protracker-Packers and a special Customplayer-Port, yet. But it can also reload other needed external players. The advantage of this method is clear: Only the needed players have to be loaded, which saves loading time and memory. Besides, the length of the mainprogram doesn't reach infinity. All the internal SoundTrackerRePlayers support Song-Loading (except Protracker-Packers). Songs and samples can be in crunched state. The instruments-path can be changed with the configuration-file. Packed samples are allowed. They will be loaded as RAW-data.

Some features of Eagleplayer: -

  • Several different user-interfaces, free adjustable, free choice of menufonts, partly free choice of backgroundpictures and resizable !, including graphically orientated ones
  • Hardware-independent replay system, where the sound output can be re-directed to different amplifiers to get e.g. digital delayed Surround
  • Or 14 Bit Output with Echo-Effects, modules can be played from fast-ram, 16 bit samples can be played with maximum quality directly and without 8-bit-precalculation in 14 bit
  • Modular structure, with over 150! supported moduleformats, external engines and low-memory system, where the external plug-ins are only loaded when needed, which saves up to 1 MB memory.
  • Up to 64 external loadable engines (e.g. amplifiers, user-interfaces, ext. depacker, analyzer, patternscrollers known from Protracker, mod-infos, module-selector, ...)
  • Easy and comfortable configuration, all settings can be saved with one action (inclusive actual music, state and position of engines, current directory, packmode for saving etc.)
  • Online Help with Amigaguide
  • Can be opened on any pubscreen
  • Supports AppWindow
  • Very comfortable handling: e.g. module selecting directly by the pulldown-menu
  • Changing directory in the pulldown-menu
  • The number of reloadable players is now only limited by your RAM.
  • Alphabetic ordering of players and engines in the manager, the entire directory will be displayed, manual reloading of players and engines by simply doubleclicking on the entry
  • Speed control by sliders, partly even with Pitch up/down
  • Separately switching on/off all voices
  • Scrolling status-information
  • Carefully and extensively adapted playeroutines, nearly all of them allow at minimum volume - and balance-setting, a big amount of players already supports the Amplifier system
  • Can load nearly all kinds of packed files, e.g. XPK, Powerpacker, FileImploder, Crunchmania, lh.library, Stonecracker and supports archives (LHA,LZX,ZIP,RAR etc.) in a unique way: archives are handled like normal directories. Besides, the new XFDMaster-library from Georg Hoermann is supported, which offers a huge amount of other depackers, XPK-packed files can be depacked during loading, even with status display
  • Extensive module infos, if the replayer was adapted for that, inclusive playtime calculation for different soundformats (Protracker, Oktalyzer, SonicArranger, Jamcracker etc.)
  • Mighty ARexx-Port
  • DoubleBuffering - function for continuous replay of modules by immediatly loading the next module
  • Different filerequesters, depending on personal taste (ASL, Req, ReqTools)
  • Runs without problems in multitasking, audio-channels are reserved properly, all cpu-intensive parts (scopes) are running at low priority
  • CyberGraphX is direclty supported by some scopes. (FFT Analyzer)
  • It's a commodity (hotkey-activation, control via Exchange)
  • Music - Fadein - and Fadeout possible
  • Replay of a randomly selected module from the current directory immediatly after program start !
  • Can be configured using the configfile, by Tooltypes and with Shell-arguments
  • The instruments of a soundmodule can be replayed and saved
  • Even plays RAW-files e.g. CDDA
  • Able to use CIA-Timers as well as VBlank and Timer.device for synchronizing of the replays
  • Supports Screennotify.library
  • Is able to find modules in files and executable programs Eagleexotic
  • Loads modules lists of nearly all music players
  • Offers a powerful module database
  • Lists created & saved by Pysion can be handled like normal subdirectories

Supported Formats

EaglePlayer players window

(Taken from the EaglePlayer documentation)

Bundled Players

The following players are bundled with EaglePlayer, though it doesn't mention which are internal and external.

  • Action Amics
  • Activision Pro
  • AIFF
  • Amos Music Bank
  • AProSys
  • Art of Noise
  • Audio Sculpture
  • BFB Master
  • Benn Daglish
  • Chiptracker
  • Customplay
  • Datatype
  • David Hanney
  • David Whittaker
  • Deltamusic 1.0
  • Deltamusic 2.0
  • DigiBooster
  • Digital Illusions
  • Digital Mugician
  • Digital Mugician II
  • DSS
  • EMS
  • Eureka-Packer
  • Face the Music
  • FastTracker II
  • FC-M Packer
  • Fred
  • Future Composer 1.3
  • Future Composer 1.4
  • Fuzzac Packer
  • Game Music Creator
  • GlueMon
  • GMOD
  • Heatseeker MC1.0
  • Hippel
  • Hippel-COSO
  • Hippel_7V
  • IFF 8SVX
  • In Stereo 1.0
  • In Stereo 2.0
  • J.C. Brooke
  • Jamcracker
  • Jason Page
  • Kefrens Sound Machine
  • Kript
  • Laxity-Player
  • LME
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Major Tom 2.01
  • Mark II
  • Mark Cooksey
  • Maxtrax
  • MCMD
  • MED
  • Moduleprotector
  • M. Grouleff
  • MPEG Audio
  • M.O.N.
  • MTH
  • Music Assembler
  • Musicline
  • MusicMaker 4
  • MusicMaker 8
  • Noisepacker 2.x
  • Noisepacker 3.x
  • Noiserunner
  • Noisetracker Compressed
  • OctaMED
  • Oktalyzer
  • Old Soundtracker
  • PlayAY
  • PlaySID
  • Polkarunner
  • Powermusic
  • Profiteam-Soundfactory
  • Promizer 0.1
  • Promizer 1.x
  • Promizer 2.0
  • Promizer 4.0
  • Propacker_1.0
  • Propacker 1.0
  • Propacker 2.1
  • Propacker 3.0
  • Prorunner 1.0
  • Prorunner 2.0
  • Protracker
  • PS3M
  • PSA
  • Pumatracker 1.0
  • QuadraComposer
  • RIFF Wave
  • Rob Hubbard
  • Rob Hubbard 2
  • Ron Klaren
  • Scumm
  • Sean Connolly
  • SidMON 1.0
  • SidMON 2.0
  • Skyt-Packer
  • SonicArranger
  • SoundControl
  • SoundFX 1.3
  • SoundFX 2.0
  • SoundMaster
  • SoundMon
  • SoundMon 2.2
  • Soundtracker 2.6
  • Soundtracker Pro 3.0
  • Soundtracker Pro II
  • Startrekker
  • Startrekker Packer
  • StoneTracker
  • Synth 4.0
  • Syntracker
  • TFMX
  • Tim Follin II
  • THX
  • TME
  • The Player
  • TrackerPacker 1
  • TrackerPacker 2
  • TrackerPacker 3
  • Tronic
  • Unic-Tracker
  • Unic-Tracker 2
  • Vectordean
  • VSS
  • Wantonpacker
  • Wizard of Sound
  • XANN-Packer
  • XMOD

External Players (Not Bundled)

Although the last release of EaglePlayer was in 1998, new players are still being written for it - the bulk of which are by the Wanted Team.

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