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UnExoticA is a collection of music ripped from Amiga Games and Demos. It is based on the following guidelines:

  • To provide complete rips with full credits for all Amiga game and demo soundtracks.
  • The emphasis is on accuracy, so disk rips are favoured instead of traditional memory rips.
  • Where possible, Modules are left in their original format and not converted to Protracker - if original tunes are available from the composer, we will also include these.
  • Unlike other collections available elsewhere on the internet, UnExoticA's archive hasn't been defaced with rip credits, which often replace comments left by the original composer.

A link to the Hall of Light and Lemon Amiga websites are also provided for each game. Both sites are excellent on-line databases providing in-depth information for Amiga games.

Maintenance and Editing

The UnExoticA wiki pages are maintained by an automatic robot which edits the pages as needed. The source of the collection is an archive of .lha files and .txt files which act as a simple database. The bot processes the text files and generates the information for the wiki. The format of source data is outlined below in the structure document. You will need to understand this before you can contribute to the collection.

This doesn't mean you can't edit the pages however. You can edit freely any information which is not between the BEGIN AUTO and END AUTO markers in the wiki text. Pages which contain these markers also contain the following comment in the wiki source at the top to warn you.

<!-- NOTE: Sections of this page between BEGIN AUTO and END AUTO comments are automatically edited and updated by the UnExoticA engine. Contact the ExoticA administrators if you wish to change the contents. -->


  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the UnExoticA Music Archive
  • Structure - A detailed explanation of the "source" data which is used to generate the UnExoticA wiki pages.


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Additional thanks to
composers.c64.org for letting us use some photos from their site.
Hall Of Light for cross site linkage.
Lemon Amiga for cross site linkage.

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