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UAE Amiga Emulator, also known as Unix Amiga Emulator, is a program for UNIX that emulates an Amiga. The purpose of the emulator is to let users run software written for the Amiga on modern computer hardware.

The emulator has to mimic all the properties of a real Amiga:

  • Audio
  • Controllers (mouse, joystick, keyboard)
  • Video

The main author of the UAE project is Bernd Schmidt.

UAE is mostly used to play old games and watch old demos. Games and demos are usually distributed as disk images. Disk images are dumps of binary data from original Amiga disks. The UAE can boot disk image files so that Amiga software in thinks it is running in the real environment. It is also possible to use hardfiles with UAE. Hardfiles are images of Amiga hard disks that can be used in a similar way as disk images files.


UAE supports OCS and ECS chipsets, and AGA chipset partially. The function of the emulator is to let users run software

Forked projects

The program has also been ported for Windows. It is known as WinUAE in that environment. The development of WinUAE has been more or less independent since UAE 0.8.22 (probably earlier). WinUAE has added many features including JIT compiler and better compatibility. There is an ongoing project to port these improvements to Unix and other OS's - called E-UAE.

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