mods from Amiga scene

MODS from AMIGA scene (1987-1993)!

  • Added new modules: Keys to Imagination by JOGEIR LILJEDAHL, Nemesis (Yes, another mod called Nemesis) by Misty and Daero, Rip9 (Anybody know the real name of this mod?) by WALKMAN, Butter Cookies1 by Magnum 755/Moonlight, PD by ??? (5 Jul 1997)
  • Added Echoes of Conflict by MANTRONIX. Sent in by Markku Hinkka (5 Jul 1997)
  • Added interviews by Per Zike! Carlbring for DANKO, DR.AWESOME, JESPER KYD, LAXITY and MOBY (7 Jun 1997)
  • Opened new sections for FILIPPETTO, PETER SALOMONSEN, RAMON and UNCLE BEN (7 Jun 1997)
  • Added new modules: End of Misery 1-3 (techno) by Blade Vacum, Weird Day by ???, More Than Music(2) by Moby, Butcher's Madness (trash) by Moby, Bomb the Kaes (oldie) by ???, Bridge (To The Universe) Part II (oldie) by Dr.Awesome, Chinese Dream by TIP+Firefox, Disaster is Obvious by TIP+Firefox, Grave Yard by Fleshbrain, Macrocosm by Filippetto, Matkamies (chip) by Heatbeat, Mistral (oldie) by ??? (7 Jun 1997) Sarcophaser (oldie) by ???, Saturation by Uncle Ben, I'm Back Again (irritating) by Sky, Time Pressure by Uncle Ben, Who Knows by Fleshbrain, Demosausje by Ramon, Planetgroove by Ramon, HOI3 mods by Ramon, Sanctuary by Radix, Friends by Jogeir Liljedahl, A Better Way by Peter Salomonsen, Angels Voice by DJ Joge, Walking Disco by Uncle Ben (7 Jun 1997)
  • Added Klim's Theme by u4ia and Furzogue. Send in by Florian Trappmann (7 Jun 1997)
  • Added X-Medley from D-MOB "Music Disk 3". Sent in by Jonas Petersson (7 Jun 1997)
  • Added Fountain of Sighs by Unreal/Pulse. Sent in by Niels Gjerloeff (7 Jun 1997)
  • Added "Gravitation", "Age of Legends", "For The People", "Nordic Report #2", "Nordic Report #3", "Ooo uh uh uh" by Lizardking (3 Feb 1997)
  • Added "Reflections" and "Braininjury" by Nutcase and "A Way to Freedom" by Lizardking (3 Feb 1997)
  • Added little script to help you restore the original names of your modfiles. (3 Feb 1997)
  • Filled many slots of missing information. Thanks to Crown and Florian Trappmann.