Ûywiec '92

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Mountain Beer Copy Party '92
Type Amiga Demo Party
Date 1992/06/27-28
Location Zywiec, Poland
Organiser Grace Polish Division


The preparation for the party took a lot of time for Grace PL Section. People, all the scenners were really excited about the party place, since it was held just after the school's over, in a mountain small city - Zywiec. A famous Polish city, world-known from its old and excellent beer brewery tradition. Hence the name of the Party. The party was organized by Grace polish division.

The party took place in Srubka (a polish word for a "screw") club, a couple of kilometers away of the main city, in a rural area. The weather and time were simply great. Some of the party attendents spent 14 hours just to get there (i.e. Haze, Suspect, Joker, Luzers)!

The place was a little bit too small to keep all the people inside with a correct comfort. Never the less coders from Proxis, Suspect, Action Direct and Pepsi Drinkers INC were coding in order to finnish their fresh productions. Proxis has not succeded tho, even if Tom / Katharsis tried to help them doing its best. Kane / Suspect was the one who knew how to help them, but they were not interested enough, since Kane back than was a new to the scene.

Musicians tried to finish their modules, and those who had nothing to do (except drinking) played a hot game - Pinball Dreams. Others had a fun outside.

The party got infamous ironically because of the city's beer tradition. Behind the party building was a some kind of a "BBQ Garden" where people could buy a beer in a production price, hence the kegs got empty almost at a glance. As the result, the party attendents decided to go to the closest local bar to got more booze. And that's how the party got out of control a little, since the people got boozed quite early, and made a party a little bit more difficult to control.

The good point was the countryside atmosphere which gave a birth to good conversations, new modules and new stories..



Suspect "Immortal Visions".
Old Bulls "Damage".
ex-Katharsis "Hallucinations and Dreams - Preview".
Pepsi Drinkers Inc. "Fly With Us Through The Stars".


A second, after first music disc release, production by the Tri-City young group. Quite long one, but with very good music by XTD and Kalosz (end theme) and good effect which gave it a first place. Demo features, among others, a vector world animation showing the road to the party place.


Short but nice demostration with a lot of vectors, with good music and nice coded effects.


This demo could have won if it was not a preview. A short techno demonstration by Tom, very well synchronised with techno music by Mad Max.


A 3D demo features wire vector ships in space. Needs a 3D glasses.


XTD/Action Direct "All the way".
Roy B.Kyan/Future Revolution "Telephone call".
Peters/Joker "Tekno*peaks".
Cloo/Pic Saint Loup "W serca wasze".
Mr.Racker/??? "Racker".
Gacuch/Old Bulls "Atak serca"


Pluton/Deform "Conan".
Seq/Deform "Znak dwa".
Nibbler/Action Direct(?) "In the Space".
???/??? "Sowa".
Art B/Suspect "Krucjata".
Dalthon/Drunkards "Kafelki itd..."


Action Direct, Deform, Joker, Suspect, Luzers, Pepsi Drinkers Inc, Grace PL, Katharsis, InvestatioN, Old Bulls, Proxis, Alchemy, Future Revolution, Pic Saint Loup, Beta Team, Drunkards, Digital Fire, Syntax, Vaneta, Mad Elks, The Clan...

Interesting Facts

The demo, music and gfx competitions were shown on the bigscreen at the club's medium cinema place with closed doors. Noone was supposed to leave the party place during the competitions. The competitions schedule were changing so often, that the gathered dudes who meanwhile prefered a countryside atmosphere, automatically skipped the compos. The demo compo started finally at 14h.

The beer consumption got out of control. The beer was over earlier than the organizers had thought.

There were few reat-time competitions. A Lotus II game compo - won by Uncle Mat.

Anti-clerical short animation won by Frodo and Axel, both from Alchemy.

A Short module competition called "Wlazl kotek na plotek" in the old melody of Polish popular song. The participants were: Cloo/Pic Saint Loup, XTD/Action Direct, Peters/Joker, Robin/Alchemy, Roy B.Kyan/Future Revolution, Cromax/Alchemy and Scorpic/Alchemy, which unfortunately could not save his tune. The winner won the cymbals and a joystick.

Short Music Compo

Roy B.Kyan/Future Revolution "Wlazl kotek na druty".
Robin/Alchemy "???".
XTD/Action Direct "Power of kotek".
Cloo/Pic Saint Loup "ZIUUUUU kotek...".
Cromax/Alchemy "Atak smokow z dupy".