3D Demo II

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3D Demo II
[[Image:|center|250px|3D Demo II screenshot]]
Composer(s) Martin Schiøler
Group(s) Anarchy
Released At The Party '92
Music Format(s) Pha Packer
Year published 1992

UnExoticA Music Files


Download archive Demo/Schioler_Martin/3D_Demo_2.lha
Also includes normal Amiga 8SVX samples of the silly men at the start of the demo.

The voice melody you hear in the main tune is that of "Into the Wonderful" by Nation XII, also known as the title tune of the game "Gods".

Filename File Size Composer Demo Year Group
File List Indent v2.png 8svx.Are_you_ready? 27882 Martin Schiøler 3D Demo 2 1992 Anarchy
File List Indent v2.png 8svx.OK_nownownow 21638 Martin Schiøler 3D Demo 2 1992 Anarchy
File List End v2.png pha.anarchy_3d_demo_2 209322 Martin Schiøler 3D Demo 2 1992 Anarchy
Monday 25 November 2002 (Kyzer): Added to collection
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