AMFM Diskmag 4

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AM/FM Magazine Disk #4


Cover Art.
  • Tech Corner: How to allocate the audio channels correctly, by Teijo "MED" Kinnunen.
  • CDTV and MIDI
  • Standard Roland drum map
  • Useful MIDI information
    • MIDI Control Change Messages
    • MIDI Messages laid out for programmers
    • Table of MIDI Note numbers
  • Sound/Music News from the 5th 16-bit Computer Show in London
  • Generally about Amiga and MIDI by Pasi Kovanen
  • Complete Vangelis discography
  • Public Domain Music disks reviewed:
    • Proton - "Gate of Pagan"
    • Vega - "Vega Music Disk 3"
    • The Shining Path - "T.S.P. Music Comp"
    • Prophecy - "Numeric 2"
    • LSD UK - "Grapevine Megamix"


  • Roland D-110 Bank Loader
    • Use the Amiga to store the Roland D-110's banks!
  • Roland D-110 Editor (Demo version)
    • Working demo version of a superb D-110 voice editor! Edit sounds on the Amiga screen instead of in the 2-line LCD display. Finally! (PS: No save)
  • Roland S-220 Sample Storage System v2.0
    • Store Roland S-220 samples on Amiga disks!
  • Roland S-220 to Amiga Sample Converter v1.4
    • Convert the Roland S-220 samples to Amiga format! Great!

MIDI Music

  • Beethoven's 5th for piano
  • "Marathon" by Rush
  • "Candle In the Wind" by Elton John
  • "Backplay" by Geir W. Kristoffersen

Amiga-only Music

  • "Streebeat" - by Paal Teien
  • "Dark Star" - by S.J.Pain
  • "Quantum-2" - by Robert Korzeniewski
  • "Messing Up" - by Sami Jumppanen


  • amfm04.dms - AM/FM Issue 4 (DiskMasher format) - 557KB