AMFM Special 6

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AM/FM Special Disk #6

Cover Art? No - just a menu.

This disk is a compilation of 5 superb Amiga/Music utilities which were a little too disk-space-consuming to use on AM/FM Magazine Disks. There was just enough room for the 5 of them on one disk after we had compressed them heavily with the latest version of PowerPacker.

This AM/FM Special Disk is a collection of advanced MIDI Utilities and a module player which easily beats all other module players made so far. (June -93). This disk was released because these utilities took up too much disk space to be used on AM/FM Magazine Disks, which should instead use most of their disk-space for articles, tutorials etc. etc. No Amiga + MIDI user should be without this disk!!


Advanced MIDI Colour Organ! Requires MIDI.


Makes your Amiga compose it's own MIDI music! Requires MIDI.


The superior module-player available for the Amiga, beats all others in flexibility, ease and speed of use. Requires kickstart 2.x or higher.


Specially rewritten version of the program GLIB for on-screen editing and storage of Roland D10 patches, tones, banks and drums. Requires MIDI and a Roland D10.


Visualises music and lets you put chords together in a new and exciting, "visual" way. Also contains a simple sequencer and other MIDI tools. Requires MIDI.