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AMOS is the name of a number of BASIC-like programming languages created for the Amiga by François Lionet: AMOS The Creator, a cut-down Easy AMOS and the advanced AMOS Professional. AMOS comes from François's earlier language STOS for the Atari ST, and its spirit lives on in François's later ClickPlay software.

AMOS The Creator

AMOS The Creator box scan
The AMOS program editor

AMOS The Creator is the original release of the AMOS language, and the most widely used.

AMOS Compiler

AMOS Compiler box scan


AMOS 3D box scan


AMOS became a popular beginner's language, but it was still too difficult to use for some people. Easy AMOS was released, a new version of AMOS for people who found AMOS too hard. The AMOS language itself was unchanged, but the editor now included a graphical debugger and an online help system. There were also extra bundled AMOS programs, including a better sprite editor, a file manager, and lots of tutorials.

AMOS Professional

AMOS Professional box scan

File formats

See AMOS file formats for more details.

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