Abstract - Oxygen Summer Conference 1992

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07-09.08  Abstract - Oxygen Summer Conference 1992.
Held at Bjorkebyskolan in Järfälla, Sweden. A cafeteria was on hand for food
and drinks. Competitions were decided by a jury, consisting of one member
from each group present. Not an ideal arrangement, if you ask us... A nice
idea was the 'welcome disk' handed out to people as they arrived, which
contained an intro with updated information about the party. The party was
sponsored by Commodore sweden and HiFi Och Data i Vasastan AB. Both a
graphics and a music competition was held, any results would be MOST

invit   Abstract and Oxygen "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  The Silents "Maximum Velocity".
        xx. Gods "Apocalypse".
        xx. Hardcore Design "Atlantis".
        xx. Noxious "Party Demo".

music   xx. Gin/Dual Crew  "HiTech Flight".

other   Oxygen "Party Demo".