Acme (new)

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Acme [new]


  • Aap (founder gfx)
  • Assa (founder)
  • Infant (founder code)
  • Lone Ranger (code)
  • Radavi (swap)
  • Ricochet (gfx)
  • Simon
  • Simstim (founder code)
  • Statix (founder)
  • Vic (founder music)
  • VV (music)
  • Chromag (founder music)
  • JMS (gfx)
  • Krash (code)
  • Mind (code)
  • Assa (founder)
  • Laxical (founder)
  • McByte (founder)
  • Zalt (founder)

Group History

Acme was formed as an extension on the PC group of the same name. How's THAT for reversing the process ;D The group was born late 97 or very early 98. The name ACME was ripped from a skatebrand, founded by a friend of us (