Action Conference II

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19-20.10  Action Conference II.
Held in Beesten, Germany by TSM/TRSI. The first Action Conference was held
in 1990, and was a smaller meeting, and this one was supposed to be much
bigger and better. For this the organizers needed sponsors, and eventually
came up with Rossmoller Handshake, Fischer Hard & Software and IDS Software.
The party unfortunately did not have the expected turnout, only about 160
people attended a party in a room that could fit 400. There was a videoroom
at the party, showing the latest movies. 60 party t-shirts were printed, but
only 20 were sold, further depleting the party's budget - the final result
was that the party went about 200DM underbudget. According to CONS/Panic,
the only two releases at the party were the two I've detailed below...

· Information from report in Cytax' "I.C.E. #8" (amiga).

invit   Action "Party Invitation Intro" (amiga).
        TDD & Courage "Action Party '91 Intro" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Panic "1000 Wasted Dreams".
        xx. Action "Worldness X"
        xx. Cult.
        xx. Treacl.

gfx     1.  Intec/Crusaders.
        2.  ???/Abandon.
        3.  ???/Defcon One.

music   1.  16 Beat/Razor 1911 "A Rocktale".

other   Tech "The Sound Of Tech II" (amiga musicdisk).