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Acume (1991-)


  • Baraccuda (ex Freagles)
  • Eazy-E (new 09/92)
  • Executor (ex Trixamixt)
  • Stone (ex Elicma)

Group History

Acume is a German group, born late 1991.

Germans Stone/Elicma, Executor/Trixamixt and Baraccuda/Freagles all joined in the first two months of the year. Around the early to middle time of the year, Lucas left the scene, so DJT became the new HQ. Swoon left, while Eazy-E joined in september.

Cruncher joined Chaos.

Chuck joined Submission.

Moonwalker joined Beyond.

The Finnish division (born early to mid 92) is dead; Tachtal (T. Tiala, org swap, old handle DJT, 09/92) decided to stay independent.