Aggressive Party '93

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     .10  Aggressive Party 93.
AGR93 was held in Kerava, Finland - the same place they hosted the Assembly
this same year! This was the first ever Aggressive party (the second and
last was held in 1995) and probably the first ever party with a mixed demo
competition between THREE platforms; amiga, pc and atari. The competitions
were combined because of the lack of prize money, due to the party receiving
less visitors than expected. So ironically, amiga group CNCD won an Atari
Falcon 030 for their winner demo! The result file I have claims 'Results
file for Music and GFX competitions will be spread soon.' Yeah, right. We're
still waiting...

· Results '=Originated from The Future Crew='.
· Results from Byterapers web page,

demo    1.  CNCD "Sorry, No Elmers In My World" (68 amiga).
        2.  X-Tream "Final" (39 atari).
        3.  Analogy "Dyspepsia" (36 amiga).
            Masturboys "Huumeinen Huominen" (36 amiga).
        5.  No Team "Liquid Sky" (34 atari).
        6.  Dante "Rage" (20 pc).
        7.  Epical "Grr!" (17 pc).
        8.  Aggression "Intro" (8 atari).
        9.  The Dynamic Force "Slow Motion" (1 pc).
            Lammas and Sympton "Intro" (1 pc).

4chmus  4.  Nutcase/Deadline "Silverwire_Breaks".
        xx. Purple Motion/Future Crew "Shadowrun".