Alcatraz Pentcoast Party

From ExoticA
02-04.06  Alcatraz Pentcoast Party.
Held at the Centre Culturel du Chene in Aubonne, Switzerland. Alcatraz was
originally to have arranged this party (together with Brainstorm) in april,
but the original plans fell through. They still promise a huge demo
competition, a dj with light & laser show, three conference rooms, two
bigscreens, 24h video showing and a snack bar. Females were allowed free
entrance, was this the first instance of this?

invit   Alcatraz "Pentcoast Party Invitation" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Alcatraz "Megademo IV: Devil's Key".
        xx. Paradox "Freddy's Back".

other   Brainstorm "Zine issue #5" (amiga diskmag).