Alchemy (new)

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Alchemy [new]


  • Axel (code editor swap, old handle Rudolf, 1991)
  • Backfire (Adam Gorski, whq swap pack 'Backpack', ex Katharsis)
  • Bob (code, ex Investation)
  • Cromax (gfx music)
  • Exolon (Maciej Turlzynin, swap)
  • Yohan (editor, old handle Frodo, 1991)
  • Ozzy (gfx)
  • Saggitarius (gfx)
  • Scorpik (music, later Absolute!, 1991)
  • Tiptop (code, ex Investation)
  • Vico (code, 1991)
  • The Clash (music, new PRP4)
  • Walker (org swap, new PRP4)
  • Adict (early92)
  • Guru (early92)
  • Steinar

Group History

Alchemy was originally a Polish group, though a Norwegian division was new in Propaganda #4. Yohan (old handle Frodo) stopped drawing. In a filemag rel late 95), I found two ads for swapping by Exolon - one where he's in this group, and one where he's in Tilt... Other productions I know of from this group is "Party Zanci" (intro) and "Toxic Ziemniak" (trackmo).

M-Iron left.

Polish musician Accord (06-09/93) was kicked, for no apparent reason (PRP4). He was later in Gel Dezign.


Toxic Ziemniak (1991, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: Vico, Rudolf (Axel), RST
  • gfx: Frodo (Yohan)
  • music: Scorpik, Rudolf (Axel)

Marchewki (1992, .03, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: Vico, Axel
  • gfx: Frodo (Yohan)
  • music: Scorpik
2nd in the Warzawa Party 1 demo competition.
Named in a 'best Polish demos' list in RAW6. The name is polish for Carrots.

Shadeways to Heaven (1993, 28.12, ECS 40k Intro)

  • code: Axel
  • gfx: none
  • music: Scorpik
7th in The Party 93 40k intro competition.