Ambience 2001

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02-04.03  Ambience 2001.
AMB01 was held in Venlo, The Netherlands, likely for the pc scene only.
There is apparently an ftp site at Any additional results
or information most welcome.

· Results from file marked 'Official Demoscene Results'.

demo    1.  Emotive "Stigma".
        2.  T3F/Air "Radon".
        3.  n/a "SF2k Invitation".
        4.  Thunderboy, Benjam, D.Fox, Fzool "Ambition".
        5.  Schoko/Kekse "Bluemchen".

64k     1.  Farbrausch "FR-011: Mekka Symposium 2001 Invitation".

4k      1.  Inopia "Inopias mooie 4k in java deze keer werkt ie wel".
        2.  The Awakener/T3F "Pulse".
        3.  n/a "The Life of a Pixel".

pixeled gfx
        1.  Mucky/Confine "Madonna".
        2.  Zomer/No Attitude "Water".
        3.  Toaster/Seminar "Ein Frischer Sonntag".
        4.  Gasbag/D-Coy "Face of Immorality (+2)".
        5.  rECTUM cAUDA! "All your base are belong to us".

raytraced gfx
        1.  D.Fox/Digital Overflow "Meine Mutter Hackt Holz".
        2.  Wolfchen "Kaaabbdn".
        3.  Lawine/Rectum Cauda nl "All your base are belong to us".
        4.  mbb/pap "tasskaff".
        5.  BugBlue/Hell No! "Gebroken schilderijtje".

photo-based gfx
        1.  Cybok "Feedback".
        2.  Eface "Samu".
        3.  Hier kunnen ze nog wat van leren/Ambience Network sucs "What do
              you need to build a network".
        4.  Der Denker/XoX "stirb endlich".
        5.  BugBlue & Rtek/Hell No! "All your IPv6 are belong to us".
        6.  lawine/rectum cauda nl "ben en monique van der ven".
        7.  Daxx909/D-Coy "Meisje".
        8.  Gasbag/D-Coy "Jongetje".
        9.  Dabug/scenetrippers "Moby".

4chmus  1.  Niwa "Gijs drinkt wijn".
        2.  Xam/Revolution "De Vleesmolen".
        3.  Phaeton/Blacktron Music Productions "Convey".
        4.  Skyrunner "Baby, what (do you do)".
        5.  Avalanche "15 % of the pie".
        6.  Da Bug/Scenetrippers "Wave".
        7.  JoshX "Ode to Hackwizzard".

house music
        1.  Trackx "Aural Illusion".
        2.  Cosmic Trance/Fusion Music Crew^Logic "Rising Crystals".
        3.  Mentz/Tokyo Dawn Rec. "Trip to the percussion lounge".
        4.  Daxxman ft UK Sound "Just like this".
        5.  Anduril "Sinners in heaven".
        6.  Skyrunner "Take me higher".
        7.  DiGiSTORM & Witsflow/Logic "Project Wednesday".
        8.  Xam/Revolution "Let the Rhyme".
        9.  niwa/bmp "essence".
        10. Dabug/SceneTrippers "Phatt".
        11. lef+avalanche/dkny "Nation#62 Ix".
        12. Sandra/BMP^_rohformat "1 up (remix)"
        13. phaeton/bikkels mogen pijpen "sci-fi overload".
        14. DynAMikE/CRiTiCaL "No More Slowmo".
        15. BezurK/Rewind Music "Again".

normal music
        1.  Cyrex/Fusion Music Crew^Logic "Among the stars".
        2.  Kb/Farbrausch "Picknick in the Meadows" (mp3).
        3.  Skyrunner "Mystic Rockers".
        4.  Cosmic trance/Fusion Music Crew^Logic "Pyramids of the sun".
        5.  Toaster/Seminar "Loewenzahn".
        6.  Mentz/Tokyo dawn rec. "The sitback continuative".
        7.  Fzool/Dialogos SUXX "Ich lekk sie lecker".
        8.  DeMo/Xox "*clubby*".
        9.  phaeton/blowen met plezier "herbalized perception".
        10. Avlanche "Ubi Dubium Ubi Libertas".
        11. Pap/Access Denied "Der Polkator".

anim    1.  Hanno Schafer/Parabyte "Legoland".
        2.  Lone/Digistorm/Witsflow "No Attitude".
        3.  Rectum Cauda NL "Star Whores 1: A new hopwjesvla".
        4.  Electo/Oryx AVD "Extra entry".
        5.  Rectum Cauda "Nul Vleugel".
        6.  Chairkeepers "The Chair II".

flash anim
        1.  Redox/Lego UT clan "Lego Intro mark 2".
        2.  Morphine/RBi Studios "Tranquility".
        3.  Joegi/Peer "Der staat een muis op de weg".
        4.  Hydro "Ambience Project".
        5.  Martien AMD "Ambience Flash".
        6.  Santa and Master_PE/Dragons of Quraniton "Evolutions of lines".
        7.  Gasbag/D-Coy "D-Coy's Voodoo Doll of Eternal Doom (+3)".

        1.  Gasbag/D-Coy Interactive "Elementz".
        2.  mbb/pap "PAP-Group Homepage".
        3.  PQ "Digital Boy".

        1.  Don "Lamer".

game    1.  avoozl/EFCh "Woei 2".
        2.  Inopia "Pongkip 4KB".