Amega Party

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28-30.06  Amega Party.
Held in Porsgrunn, Norway by Cryptoburners, Fairlight, Dexion and Violence.
Often referred to as the 'Porsgrunn Party'. About 800-900 people attended.
There were criticisms directed at the party, since promises made in the
invitation were not held. First of all, the entrance fee mysteriously rose
before the party opened. A jury of 8 people were appointed to judge the
competitions, no public voting was carried out. More than 70 contributions
were made for the music competition, but only 11 were judged and ranked.
Maniacs of Noise competed with two tunes, none of which were selected by the
jury. Despite stating in the invitation that noone could compete in the
competitions unless they were present at the party, Heatbeat came 2nd in the
music competition without attending. Ducky, Virus and Xozet of Xite were one
person. Prices in the demo competition were 10,000NOK for first prize,
2,000NOK for second and 1,000NOK for third.

· Results from a party report in Hack-Mag #6, expanded and improved by me.
· Additional results and information from these sources:
  - Releases from Cream "Porsgrunn pack 2" (disk 1 missing).
  - Releases from Vision "Violation Pack #53".
  - Text by TIP in Phenomena's "Crystal Symphonies #1".
  - Some music compo information from Nosferatu.

amdemo  1.  Tom Soft (Thomas Landsburg) "Virtual World".
        2.  Pure Metal Coders (PMC) "Alfa & Omega".
        3.  The Silents "Ice".
        4.  Andromeda "Decaying Paradise".
        5.  Spaceballs "Spasmolytic".
        6.  Anarchy "Inspiration Is None".
        xx. Accept "Party".
        xx. Andromeda "Heavy Metal Fighters".
        xx. Cream "World of Confusion".
        xx. Network "Awake on the Wildside".
        xx. Pure Metal Coders "BBS Intro".
        xx. Pure Metal Coders "Designer".
        xx. Shade "Empty Silence".
        xx. Triumph "Party Demo".
        xx. Vision "Radical".

gfx     1.  Viper/No Limits.
        2.  Color/Phenomena.
        3.  Wedge/Frantic.
        4.  Airbrush/Acme.
        5.  Minion/Grace.
        6.  Manta/X-Trade.
        7.  Scuba/X-Trade.
        8.  Bustman/Crusaders.
        9.  TMB Design/Euphoria.
        10. Pal/Razor 1911.

music   1.  Shorty/Network "Digital Expression".
        2.  Heatbeat/Rebels "Anette".
        3.  Perro/Frantic "Something Sanitet".
        4.  Walkman/Cryptoburners "Tja".
        5.  Jester/Sanity "Whisper My Thoughts".
        6.  n/a
        7.  Mutant/New Wave "Lutfisk Vegring".
        8.  Jogeir "The Honeymoon".
        xx. Ducky/Xite "??".
        xx. Øystein Eide/MON.
        xx. Virus/Xite "Therese by Virus".
        xx. Xozet/Xite "??".

        1.  Jogeir.

other   Addonic "Message Center" (amiga).
        Acme "Slideshow" (amiga).
        X-Trade "Slideshow" (amiga).