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The Amiga Educational Box Scans gallery contains high resolution scans of educational Amiga software, which you can browse using the A to Z links above (and below).

Some of the scans may have been retouched/repainted where the original artwork was not not in very good condition, or where the box lacked good print quality.

Please feel free to add any scans to this section, or replace lower quality scans with better ones, but please choose at least 150dpi for the images, and tweak the contrast/sharpness/gamma on your scanning software to get the highest quality image possible.

To add an image, first Upload It into the wiki system, and then you can refer to it by name on the A-Z gallery pages with some wiki markup such as: -

<gallery widths="180" heights="180" perrow="4">
Image:FunSchool.jpg|Fun School

The gallery tag will already be in place, just insert the image line into the corresponding A-Z page so that the images are in alphabetical order (Based on full name not image filename).

Credits and Thanks

Thanks to the following for scanning and retouching images.

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