Amiga Game Collections

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Amiga Game Collections

The following page includes some photos of some large Amiga Game collections. I'm sure many people would love to have some like this. If you also have an impressive collection you would like to share, please include it (if it is not an Amiga collection, but related to this site, feel free to start a new page).

Zeg's Amiga Game Collection

This collection belongs to Zeg who is the main guy behind the Bitworld Amiga demo database. Note the inclusion of 6 Amiga 1000s. You could probably build a small house out of all those boxes! What a lucky guy! Since these photos were taken the collection has been sold on due to lack of storage space, which is a common problem for those without their own private warehouse.

Wildwest's Amiga Game Collection

This Amiga games collection is truly massive. Since these photos were taken, the collection has been sold on. I'm sure lots of people would love a collection like this (if they only had the space).