Amiga Halloween Conference '90

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02-04.11  Amiga Halloween Conference 90.
Held at a school in Motala, Sweden by The Powerlords and Aurora for the
amiga scene. This has led to the party being known not under its official
name, but also as the 'Powerlords and Aurora Party' and the 'Motala Party'.
These are, infact, all the same. 400 people attended. The party received
some bad press in the report I read, due to some bad organizing, drunk
people, reduced prizes and even drug dealing! There was another party held
simultaneously in Sweden for the c64 scene, by Censor in Gothenburg.
Some more complete results would be nice.

· Information from party report in Fourth Dimension #4.
· Additional information from these sources:
  - Music competition results from Scarface/Adept musicpack.
  - demos Strangers party pack #1.
  - demos Teeze/Anarchy party pack.

invit   Powerlords "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Phenomena "Vectormania".
        2.  Anarchy "Smoker".
        3.  Dual Crew "Vectorscroll -Vitsippe Hater-".
        xx. Accession "Heil".
        xx. Fairlight "Grunka".
        xx. Scoopex "Chromium".
        xx. Strangers "Halloween Demo".

gfx     1.  Lorre.
        xx. Uno/Phenomena.

music   1.  Firefox/Phenomena "Macrocosm".
        xx. 4-Mat/Anarchy "A City At Night".
        xx. Dez/Classic "Systematic Quest".
        xx. Photon/Phenomena (noisepacked).
        xx. Tip/Dual Crew and Mantronix/Phenomena "Cerebral Beres".
        xx. Twister/Anarchy "Motalapartyt".
        xx. Xerxes/Tommyknockers "Xerxes".
        xx. ???/Anarchy "Go On (real)".