Analog-Equinox-Swans Party

From ExoticA
27-28.07  Analog-Equinox-Swans Party.
AES91 was held in Colmar, France. It was a very small party, and only 50
people attended. The entry fee was rather high, 60 ff to enter (30 ff if you
brought anything to release). Some slight confusion surrounds the date; it
was perhaps 28th-29th instead - probably the truth is 27th-29th (one
weekend). Hornet/Alcatraz showed a preview of their demo "Odyssey", which
was finally released in december, at The Party in denmark.

· Information from partyreport in Cytax' "ICE #6" (amiga diskmag).

amdemo  1.  Agony "In Blood/Transformer demo" (unknown).
        2.  Shadows "Shadows are Dead".

gfx     1.  PGCS/Alcatraz "Space Picture".
        2.  Sly/Shadows.
        3.  ???/Iris "Lovecraft Picture".

music   1.  Audiomonster "Piece of Dance".
        2.  Mel'o'Dee.
        3.  Lone Lonolo/Iris.