Anarchy Easter Party '91

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29-31.03  Anarchy Easter Party 91.
Held at Oppeby-Skolan in Nykoping (Motala), Sweden by Anarchy for the amiga
scene. About 500 people attended. Pizzas could be bought at the party
place, and there was a shop quite close to the school, but the shop ran out
of Coke and the pizzeria out of pizza after just a couple days of partying!
The only serious problem during the party was that a guy (who was later
identified as some Aurora sysop) put some firecrackers on fire inside the
school so that the fire alarm went off. The fire department and the police
came, and told the organizers the party was going to get stopped unless the
guilty one came forward. He did, and the party went on...
  23 demos were submitted, and 35 pieces of music were handed in for the
competition. Just 12 musicians survived the preselection phase. There was a
quite original votingsystem; all groups got the demodisks (6 disks) to their
room, and each GROUP voted as one for the best three demos. Phenomena's
first place entry in the demo competition won 6000SKR. Demos HAD to be
singlefile and work on 512k amigas, entries for the music competition had to
be delivered as executable files, and there was no graphics competition
(despite one being announced in the invitation).
  You are VERY unlikely to find more complete results than ours anywhere,
that's for sure =]

· Information and results from party report in Complex' "Maggy #9" (amiga).
· Information from official invitation file.
· Additional information from Anarchy party packdisks 1-6.

invit   Anarchy "Party Invitation Demo".

amdemo  1.  Phenomena "Enigma".
        2.  Shining "Vector Exterminator"
        3.  Cryptoburners "Party Invitation Demo"
        4.  D-Mob "Flossy and the Farmer"
        5.  Rebels "Our Definition of a BoomBastic Style".
        xx. Alice "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Alive "Flyskrekk".
        xx. Avatars "Around The Clock".
        xx. Blitz "Just A Dream".
        xx. Booze Brothers "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Chrome "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Demotelevision "Born Demo".
        xx. Disknet "Megaintro -Multi Fart-".
        xx. Drakpak "Demo".
        xx. Mean Machine "Visual Impressions".
        xx. Moss Team "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Multum "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Noxious "Intro".
        xx. Opal "Demo".
        xx. Relax "Political".
        xx. Symbiosis "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Tribe "Dee Gunde".
        xx. Visual Imp. "Anarchy Party Demo".
        xx. Voice "Morbus Gravis".
        xx. Wizzcat "Instant Delivery BBStro".
        xx. Wizzcat "Swedish Section Born".

music   1.  Captain/Image "Space Debris".
        2.  Deejay/Hypnosis.
        3.  Tip and Firefox/Phenomena "Musiklinjen".
        4.  ???/Razor 1911.
        xx. Bruno/Anarchy.
        xx. DJ Joge/Chrome.
        xx. Dolphin/Noxious (possible).
        xx. Dr.Gassu (uncertain).
        xx. Fajser/Reflectors "Bbajsmusikk2".
        xx. Florist/Wizzcat (possible).
        xx. Galaxy/Elysion.
        xx. Omega/Rebels "Labyrinth".

other   Acme "Reflection of Perfection" (amiga slideshow).
        D-Mob "Party Slideshow" (amiga slideshow).
        Razor "Party Slideshow" (amiga slideshow).
        Wizzcat "Message Box" (amiga).