Anarchy Winter Conference '91

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   23.02  Anarchy Winter Conference 91.
AWC91 was held at a school hall and its ajoining rooms in Barnsley, England,
which is approx. 230 miles north of London. It was a one-day event only. It
was originally to have been a coarranged event with Quartex at the end of
1990, but that fell through, and that is the reason for the A & Q invitation
intro spread in late 1990.

· Information and results from these sources:
  - Anarchy & Quartex party invitation spread in 1990.
  - Anarchy party Invitation Demo 1991.
  - demos and demoresults from Mole's Anarchy party pack 1.

invit   Anarchy "Winter Conference 91 Invitation".

amdemo  1.  Magnetic Fields "Hysteresis".
        2.  Anarchy "System Violation".
        3.  Anthrox "Bobby The Ball".
        xx. Anarchy "Madness II".
        xx. Crystal "Partro".
        xx. Ipec Elite "Party Demo1".
        xx. Ipec Elite "Party Demo2".
        xx. LSD "Irish Jokes".
        xx. Magnetic Fields "Bit Stream".

other   Chaos "Techno Music" (amiga musicdisk).
        LSD "Funky Pizza" (amiga intro).
        Ipec Elite "Slabys Music Madness Monthly #10" (amiga musicdisk).