Apocalypse 2000

From ExoticA
29.4-1.5  Apocalypse 2000 (http://apc2k.zde.cz).
APC00 was held in Brandys nad Labem near Prague, Czech Republic by
Horizontal Lamers for the amiga scene. This was the second time it was
organized, the first was in 1999. Main organizers were Dizzy/HLA and
Lahve/Reason, who wrote the party report for Devotion. It was now a three-
day event, unlike last year. Beer was served at the party place. Only one
demo in the demo competition, by Reason. The date was one week after MS.

· Report and results from Nah-Kolor's "Devotion #1" diskmag (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Reason.

am64k   1.  Vectors.
        2.  Horizontal Lamerz.
        3.  Harvester.
        4.  Apathy.
        5.  Breathe and Oxygen.

gfx     1.  Slayer/Appendix.
        2.  Fusko/Mawi.
        3.  DRD/Marshals.
        4.  Pewex/PSB.
        5.  Broz Tito/Susy.
        7.  Dromader/independent.
        8.  Malmis/Apathy and Reason and Void.
        10. Darklight/Veezya and Weeds.
        11. Kaucjush/ODB.
            Oopure/Nah-Kolor and Mawi.
        13. Bumper/Marshals.

4chmus  1.  Spektra/MWI+NAH+VZY.
        2.  Xball/Bohema.
        3.  Grogon/PSL.
        4.  TDM/HLA.
        5.  Zayka/Hybrid and Plastic.
        6.  Pep/Marshals.
        7.  Noro/Atomic.
        8.  Tzx/PTN and Bohema.
        9.  Jimi Pow/HLA.
            Deli HC/HLA.