Arcadia Team, The

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Arcadia Team, The (TAT, 1988-1990)


  • Experiment IV
  • Nimitz
  • Nova (old handle Tigra)
  • Shadowcat

Group History

The Arcadia Team (who was called just Arcadia for a short while towards the end) was a Norwegian demo group started by BIC & BAC of The Arcadia Team in march 1988. The two initial founders changed name in june 1988 to Experiment IV and Nimitz. The namechange was expressed in the NameChange Demo from june 1988. The Arcadia released around 20 productions before the group died around the middle of 1990 after most of its members merged with Humanoids to create the new group Scope.


Cubitus Demo (ECS Demo)

Walking Shoes (ECS Demo)

Namechange Demo (ECS Demo)

VU Mania(ECS Demo)

Lame Game (ECS Demo)

The Demo (ECS Demo)

Megademo I (ECS Demo)

Winner of the Razor 1911, The Cartel, Abnormal party demo competition!

Vuku (1988, 09.10, ECS Demo)

Music played on Radio 1 channels for 2 months!

Later On (1988, 09.10, ECS Demo)