Assembly 2002

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01-04.08  Assembly 2002 (
ASM02 was held at the Hartwall-Areena (for the fourth consecutive time at
this venue) in Helsinki, Finland. About 4600 full-time participants, and
about 2000 one-day participants showed up, making this one of the biggest
parties in scene history. Demo and intro competitions were held combined
between amiga and pc. The party was divided into two parts; an 'oldskool'
(read: demoscene) section (where entrance is half price, by the way!) and a
gamer (read: lamer ;]) section. An innovation this year was the 'mobile'
demo competition, encompassing everything from mobile phones to handheld
consoles and calculators. The organizers made a big point of the prize money
this year being an amazing 40,000 euros - the largest prize pot ever in a
demoscene party.
  There was no shortage of things to do at this year's Assembly, with a
number of ex-sceners now working in the game industry drafted in to hold
seminars on game development. There were even several concerts held, just a
few worth mentioning CNCD, Crankshaft (aka Yolk/CNCD) feat. Jugi, Tero (aka
Deetsay/Panic) and Machinae Supremacy.
  One unique feature of the assembly event is the broadcasting of events on
Asmtv. This is in effect a 24-hour tv channel, broadcast on Helsinki
Television (HTV)'s Mosaic Channel and over the web in Real Video and Windows
Media formats. This was the third year this service was performed.
Unfortunately the servers became overloaded and thus web-viewing was a
problem for the entire duration of the party.
  The competitions are a story unto themselves. Seldom have so many entries
been disqualified in hindsight. First a word on the preselection mechanisms;
first a jury selects the 15 best entries in a category, and then those 15
are presented for public voting. At a party of this size, and with this many
contributions, such a preselection is unfortunately necessary. 2nd-place in
the animation competition, Tamperelaiset Insinöörit's "Whisky & Martini" was
disqualified due to being previously presented at a short film festival.
Yodel Street Unit's originally 2nd-placed contribution for the Wild
competition, "What's Up (In Da Gangstahood)" was also disqualified due to
similar circumstances. Our results reflect these disqualifications, and have
a little more detail on the oldskool competitions than the official ones
too. Results from the Quake 3 Arena, CounterStrike Team, Return to Castle
Wolfenstein Team (games), Street Basketball, Soccer, Disk and Cd Throwing
contests were omitted due to a lack of relevance to the demoscene.

· Results from file marked 'These are the official full results of
· Some information from party reports in Pain 11/02 #52 (pc diskmag).

demo    1.  Haujobb "Liquid... wen?" (pc, 3141).
        2.  Moppi Productions "Halla" (pc, 3074).
        3.  Kewlers "Variform" (pc, 2457).
        4.  Armada "Fable" (1764).
        5.  Yodel "32 Degrees In The Shade" (pc, 1443).
        6.  Critical Mass "Clone" (1306).
        7.  Bandwagon and Armada "El Ksar El Kabir" (1169).
        8.  tAAt 2002 "Taesmaeraekae" (1083).
        9.  Unique "Prospects" (986).
        10. Da Jormas "Hätä" (889).
        11. Neonray + Throb "Metropol (unfinished party version)" (745).
        12. Bad Karma "Warped" (396).
        13. Värkki Tuotanto "Population Zero" (343).
        14. Faktory "LICK_THE_EVERYTHING" (223).
        15. Traction "NET" (192).
        xx. Ananasmurska "Spring".
        xx. Anti Flash Konsortium "Wir sind raus".
        xx. Art Mafia Collective "My Dreams".
        xx. Boolean, Spikeheddd, Handle / Group "Morjen".
        xx. Dream Dust "Bananas Revenge" (pc).
        xx. Fingersoft "DevaStation".
        xx. Fobia Design "Kesken".
        xx. Immersion "Haste".
        xx. Jumalauta "Kozmik".
        xx. Megahawks Inc. "Samantha Fox Ham Demo 4".
        xx. mfx "Mother Mother, My Ears Bleed".
        xx. Moonhazard "Limonite".
        xx. Notion "Mindless".
        xx. Plastic "Karamell (update)".
        xx. R.R.E "KRAAH".
        xx. Surface Grant "Marutaka501".
        xx. tAAt "Laatukauraa".
        xx. Täti Pensiö "The Hip Old Skool Demo".

64k     1.  AND "Squish" (5863).
        2.  Potion "Future Visions" (amiga, 3105).
        3.  Noice "Sketch" (pc, 2868).
        4.  Kaita "Lord of the Dogs" (2762).
        5.  tAAt 2002 "Neuroosiverkko 43KB - Neurosis Network" (1829).
        6.  Kewlers "974 Mites" (1578).
        7.  Grin "We Took the Kebabmoduli" (1413).
        8.  Fairlight "Timeframe" (1194).
        9.  Aikarele "Varhaiset Singaalit" (1152).
        10. Details "Kvinjara" (805).
        11. Karva "Return" (558).
        12. "pOetry" (508).
        13. Phantom Lord/Critical Mass "Toren" (274).
        14. Fit "One Day Miracle" (223).
        xx. Café "More Coffee".
        xx. Jumalauta "Unssi Kertto Vitsin".
        xx. Lactic Acid "Lehmä se tietää elämästä".
        xx. Leiponen "Jahva".
        xx. Ninja Gefilus "Ninja In The Shower".
        xx. Odd "Vittu vs perkele".
        xx. The Swedes "Nokia Sucks".

4k      1.  Exploder/PUSH Entertainment "Humus3" (amiga, 4216).
        2.  Tonic "Nafta" (2646).
        3.  Spaceballs and Ephidrena "Sotakyrpä" (amiga, 2382).
        4.  Shadow/Noice "224" (pc, 1385).
        5.  Juippi & Trilkk/FHI "XBox" (1109).
        6.  Rock "Promille" (1000).
        7.  Calodox "Kwak" (pc, 517).
        8.  BuG/PuavoHard "Lets Play Chess" (477).
        9.  Northern Dragons "Trees" (261).
            Plastic "Powerhug" (261).
        11. HeadcrasH "C.Hello" (190).
        12. Lenin_ra "Lametus" (155).
        13. Itchi/Lonely Coders "Sifiela" (154).

mobile demo
        1.  Byterapers and Doomsday "Limbo" (pocket pc, 5616).
        2.  Contraz and Excess "Perkele Plus" (siemens sl45i, 3806).
        3.  Unique "Vit 2" (gba, 1529).
        4.  Vivid Design "Beyond the Limits" (gba, 1430).
        5.  tAAt 2002 "Kumiakku" (yopi linux, 1395).
        6.  CNCD "Child's Play" (gbc, 1309).
        7.  Extend and Embassy "Aikaspektri" (nokia 7650, 1197).
        8.  Matt Current "Period of Revolutionary Transform" (gba, 917).
        9.  DrVeriEevil "Eevil Flower" (ti-82, 878).
        10. Halo "Anarchy" (gba, 710).
        11. Calodox "Kilken" (gba, 699).
        12. Koma and Komplex "925" (nokia 3410, 538).
        13. Aikarele "Plutoniumia" (pocketpc, 514).
        xx. Forsaken "Ono" (noka 7650).
        xx. Sca9 Entertainment "The Son of Grooveboy" (gba).
        xx. Twinsoft "Anonymous" (casio fx10).

flash demo
        1.  RNO "Super Mushroom Sisters" (3367).
        2.  Rapture Seekers "Kreivi Krapula" (2755).
        3.  Esko Ahonen and Milan Kolarovic "Evolve" (1887).
        4.  K-Statik/Outkazt "Terrori" (1443).
        5.  Hannu_ "Linear Motion" (1436).
        6.  Bombsquad "Recycled" (1223).
        7.  Redhill Drunks "Multiplex" (905).
        8.  Wain and Codec "Nendo" (613).
        9.  Kone Creations "Grunge212" (401).
        10. Inapt "Warbirds" (366).
        11. Kellari "Paradigm" (261).
        xx. #attica "Tran Van Quang".
        xx. Chosenone- "Return of the Lamer".
        xx. DoC/FD "dokumenttiprojekti: velluorava".
        xx. Exca "The G.O.D".
        xx. PiAstro "Duck'n'Cover".
        xx. PiAstro "Invaders".
        xx. Poro "Legendaarista".
        xx. Rotta "Shade".
        xx. Simo Santavirta "mäRKä apInA".
        xx. Trekky "Ai.".
        xx. Yleisradio "Mytocondrio".

oldskool demo
        1.  pwp "Impossiblator 2" (vic20, 4719).
        2.  Haujobb and Dekadence "My Kondom" (c64, 3656).
        3.  CNCD "Software Developer's Air Display" (vic20, 3528).
        4.  Dekadence "Vicious" (vic20, 2562).
        5.  Spaceballs "Outsider" (c64, 2093).
        6.  Upstars "Risperdal Dreams" (c64, 660).
        xx. Cosine "Dig It" (vic20).
        xx. Fresno Commodore User Group "Waiting For Godot" (c64).
        xx. Megahawks Inc. "Samantha Fox Ham Demo 4".

gfx     1.  Calvin/Halo "Blood Donation" (1810).
        2.  Maxon "Hitchhiker" (1740).
        3.  Mazor aka Kidlove "Annukka" (1692).
        4.  Splif/Calodox "Final Lap in Tir Na Nog" (1631).
        5.  Sh'ar/Forsaken "Blowjob" (1478).
        6.  DoC/FD^DCS "Fish Bukkake" (1378).
        7.  Flegeton "Aamu" (1213).
        8.  Joil/matt current/ananasmurska "And Jane" (1011).
        9.  Partikle "Slayer" (891).
        10. Critikill/Scenic "Can U See The KillerBEE" (838).
        11. Electric/Extend "Burroughs" (520).
        12. Petri Auvinen "Power Armor" (417).
        13. Reko/Instant Ejakulation "Trauma" (343).
        14. Asasel "Hyvän_yön_huuto" (325).
        15. Shivikai "Escape" (190).
        xx. Apemon "Alien With Boobs".
        xx. Devil/ "Frozen".
        xx. Java "My Sister Is My Fathers Cousin".
        xx. Kingi "Osuma".
        xx. McK/ananasmurska/tAAt "Grand Piano".
        xx. Trilkk/FHI "Fear".
        xx. Tug "Spring".
        xx. Visualice "Essence".
        xx. Pineapple "Volga, Volga !".
        xx. AeroSOL "<Asm Devil>".
        xx. Tommip "Datagnome".
        xx. Sec/Kone Creations "Euphoria".
        xx. Scapula "Smoking Lady".
        xx. Marq/Fit "Gentlemen from Tyrvaeae".
        xx. Kokki/Grunstein "Kids are the Future".
        xx. Toukka "Fly Away".
        xx. Grifa/Café "Kalavale".
        xx. Saim "Flare Girl".
        xx. Joa "Player".
        xx. Problem "Confused".
        xx. Au-Heppa "Kaveri".
        xx. iekc "Caught Angel".
        xx. SubMariner/SubEXIT "Voittaa/Ei Voita".
        xx. Lee "Dream".
        xx. Trallallaa "Even Fairy Teeneagers Angst".
        xx. ltipl "Purrrty".
        xx. Charon "September in Tshernobyl".
        xx. Progress/Grin "Multiplayer".
        xx. Ins0mnium "Metaphysical".
        xx. #korpi "It wasn't me".
        xx. B.o.W. "Siluettikorret".
        xx. Marvel/FC "Wount Kam Tu Papa".
        xx. Harlequin "Brainstorm".
        xx. Random/Armada "They Reach".
        xx. Kristoffer Lawson "Boy and Flag".
        xx. Data Laiska Tyttö".
        xx. Lance/Aggression "Frog's Nightmare".
        xx. Saku/Kemikal Stratos "Saku Salinin omakuva".

oldskool gfx
        1.  Phase1 & Mermaid "The Last Battle" (c64, 4020).
        2.  Heatbeat/CNCD "Theodore Bear" (c64, 2681).
        3.  Tempest/Damage "Gawd Bless America" (c64, 2497).
        4.  Electric/Extend "Self-Portrait" (c64, 2149).
        5.  Adam/DualCrew-Shining (DCS) "Sexi" (c64, 2059).
        6.  Voldoq/Doomsday "Nu Media Rage" (c64, 1391).
        7.  Ravel/Sleber Eid "Naisen Paeae" (svi-328, 834).
        8.  Britelite/Dekadence "Word!" (vic-20, 730).
        9.  Marq/Lieves!Tuore^Fit "Kuplat" (msx, 451).
        10. Bregadell "Paradise Shore" (c64, 439).
        xx. Saksan Perussanasto/Jumalauta "Hymyile".

analog gfx
        1.  Partikle "Snakes In Oil" (3834).
        2.  Pineapple "Blunt-smokin' AfroLinux" (2673).
        3.  Mazor "Lost In Blue Oyster" (1753).
        4.  Visualice "Ink Magic" (1660).
        5.  Shivikai "River Maid" (1310).
        6.  Electric/Extend "Miss Tampere" (888).
        7.  Joa "Sleepy" (868).
        8.  Kingi "Filipino Nature" (731).
        9.  MCK "Untitled" (631).
        10. Marq/Fit^Lieves!Tuore "Kafka's Day Off" (613).
        xx. Au-Heppa "Tear For Adults".
        xx. Kristoffer Lawson "Illiteracy".
        xx. Merlin IIK "Gunilla".

raytrac 1.  Antti Lehtinen "Butterfly" (3210).
        2.  DeCoder/LTV "Fatal Error" (2917).
        3.  Oozie "You've Got Mail" (2029).
        4.  Marzu "Artificial Innocence" (1950).
        5.  A2reason/AEM "Bellou" (1460).
        6.  Labero "Orchid" (704).
        7.  0:et "Babe Baker" (639).
        8.  isw/SoCS "Plastic, it's fantastic! at 2000 m.p.h" (628).
        9.  Sarod "Alienscape" (567).
        10. Huezo "The Tools" (545).
        11. Reko/Instant Ejakulation "Adam & Eve".
        12. Hoaxi "Tinman" (431).
        13. Sande/Episent Productions "My Pussy Cat" (416).
        14. iekc "Bad Guys From Medieval" (309).
        xx. Humppamies/piAstro "Dagger & Hammer".
        xx. Lassi Warsta "Suspended In Dusk".
        xx. Pasi Lehtoranta "Elukka".
        xx. Skyfox "Worksucks".
        xx. Ubik & Pyromaniac/Madwizards "Dziadek".
        xx. Supo "Terassi".
        xx. SerialThrill "BigStaraLike".
        xx. Legba "Mindworks".
        xx. D'Walker "Experiment".
        xx. Ohjus "Thug".
        xx. Tommip "The Dark Side of George".
        xx. SDg "Auringon Palvoja".
        xx. Derelict "Who needs dragons anyway".
        xx. Scapula "Flying in first class".
        xx. ilp0/piAstro "Cape Filth".
        xx. st Rana "3... 2... 1... Ignition!".
        xx. Kokki/Grunstein "plant a scener".
        xx. su.render "Juri Stotski".
        xx. Vertex/Final Dimension "Butterfly".
        xx. Mad Axel "Perkele".
        xx. Howitzer "Raimolla Korvatunturilta ei näkynyt Nelonen, joten..."
        xx. Pulzar "Kippo".
        xx. thti* "Bright Side of Life".
        xx. Juha-Pekka Jokela "DoomTruck".
        xx. Edward Karvinen "Miner".
        xx. Jou "Asetelma".
        xx. BioNiK "Home Sweet Home".
        xx. Timo "Hävisin kaiken".
        xx. Merlin IIK "fly".
        xx. Diaboli Data "Enigma".
        xx. PeXi "Storm Is Rising".
        xx. Mesak&HKelukka "Ragnarok".
        xx. Biter/Scoopex "Deep".
        xx. Cranz "Ystävä" (disq).

oldskool music
        1.  Jammic/Nurgosoft "Balls of Steel" (c64, 3388).
        2.  Britelite/Dekadence "Would You?" (c64, 1672).
        3.  Heatbeat/CNCD "Child's Play Music" (gameboy, 1449).
        4.  KiWi "A Sad Fly In A Jar" (pc, 1189).
        5.  Deetsay "Viides Simffonia" (c64, 1094).
        6.  Player One/Dekadence "Way Up North" (c64, 980).
        7.  Agemixer/Scallop "Das Hit" (c64, 915).
        8.  SounDemoN "Spiral" (c64, 784).
        9.  Reed/Fairlight "Cape Horn" (pc, 772).
        10. Tempest & Abaddon/Damage "Blackjack" (c64, 740).
        11. Sauli "Funkkin Robot" (pc, 669).
        12. Rondo "Bossa-ing Around" (pc, 649).
        13. Thor/Extend "Sokeritoukka" (c64, 582).
        14. Acumen "Lunch Hour Automat" (s3m, 533).
        15. Major "Eezi" (pc, 462).
        xx. Codeh "Superstar".
        xx. Flapjack & Pyromaniac/Madwizards "Erazor Cat" (pc).
        xx. Gasman/Hooy-Program "Primality" (??).
        xx. Gremino "Motivaatiopurkaus" (pc).
        xx. Hexagon/Geneder8 & SKR "Prunk!" (pc).
        xx. Huezo "Time Has Gone" (pc).
        xx. Humppamies/PiAstro "Fields of Mist" (pc).
        xx. Ilem "Attack In No Time" (pc).
        xx. Isotissi Lesboliisa/Jumalauta "Itaepasila" (c64).
        xx. JuhoAP "Ihane Päivä" (pc).
        xx. Juippi "Ilekkitrap" (pc).
        xx. Kandy "Chatterbox" (pc).
        xx. Leopold "Oldschool Medley" (pc).
        xx. Marwin/Noice "Timeless" (pc).
        xx. Mathew/Granma "Moonflower" (pc).
        xx. Oxide/Sonik "Delion Princess" (amiga ahx).
        xx. PPessi "Left Hands" (pc).
        xx. Rascal/Fascination "Chippi 5" (pc).
        xx. Tabus "Run!" (c64).
        xx. Tony 'Ferrara' Caven/Phobos Team "BubbleTrouble" (c64).

fast music
        1.  Aikapallo "Jetkalenkka" (1919).
        2.  Ari "DJArtz" Pulkkinen "Karjalan Haamu" (1762).
        3.  Stuf "Electronic Obsession" (1545).
        4.  #impulsetrackers "Buubelin Paluu" (1002).
        5.  BuG/PuavoHard "Vaasi" (959).
        6.  Terminus/ "Homokala" (837).
        7.  KiWi "Hamburger Music (4 idiots)" (815).
        8.  Sir Henry/Hr Tuotanto "Way Back" (789).
        9.  Gluterol "Bukkake!" (775).
        10. Pahamoka "Autumn" (773).
        11. LCA "Under My Pillow" (712).
        12. Puistola & Kaustinen United "Midsummer Waltz" (695).
        13. Deetsay "Slowly Good Becomes" (606).
        14. Ilem "Goggledygook" (551).
        15. Humppamies/piAstro "Scratch" (434).
        xx. Jokuhullusiellamainstreamil "MannePolkka".
        xx. Shinmai "The Crappy One".
        xx. Rlb "minulla on kivaa".
        xx. Friction "OMGWTFBBQ".
        xx. Melfunktio community "Telakan valot".
        xx. ilp0/piAstro "Jazz Digger".
        xx. Castor "Yoslacker".
        xx. Okmo "Hvvk".
        xx. JJR "Just Se".
        xx. Trayrace "Simple".
        xx. Luke/Amazement "Nothing Special".
        xx. Colon "Nimeton".
        xx. Jonse/Kemikal Strators "Less Beatless Sel Pod".
        xx. Kheldysh "God ate all my 3 sleeves".
        xx. Puti "A Homage".
        xx. Kiste/Team "Oh My Dog".

music instrumental
        1.  Skaven/Future Crew "The Goblin Returns" (2811).
        2.  Firestorm/Doomsday "Conflict" (2173).
        3.  Solarkids "Ethereal" (1372).
        4.  Bliss/Fairlight Music "Do You Remember How It Felt?" (1195).
        5.  Nightbeat "Motion" (1079).
        6.  Huezo "Too Far Beyond" (1066).
        7.  Laxical/Scoopex "Trancefactor Overdosed" (954).
        8.  Salomon "The Killing Moon" (830).
        9.  Reed/Fairlight and Andy/Banal Projects "Johdanto" (738).
        10. Maddista "Mortal Beauty" (663).
        11. 187/Phantasy aka DJ Brain "Martial Love" (631).
        12. Deck/Scoopex "Cool Logic" (580).
        13. Limbod "Your Time" (569).
        14. Alex/TPOLM "Navcad" (566).
        15. Genox/Calodox "One Word Left" (451).
        xx. Tunafish Crew "Stoned - Totally".
        xx. KiWi "Mutant Killer Bunnies Must Die".
        xx. Codec "Last Conquest".
        xx. Milan Kolarovic (a.k.a. Acumen) "Kerosene".
        xx. Phaser feat. Mik "Escape from Llamaspace".
        xx. Mc2 "Wasted".
        xx. !Cube/Armada + SCS*TRC + Scallop "The Rescue".
        xx. PK "Serenity".
        xx. Erodix "Dr. Alkenstein Goes Hilarius".
        xx. Frown/T-Rex "Yukute No Mienai Kuukan".
        xx. Empty "The Spaniards attack a baroque dinner party".
        xx. Crud "Disqualified entry".
        xx. Heatbeat/CNCD "Coolmint".
        xx. Jugi "Sodassa".
        xx. Ari "Dj ArtZ" Pulkkinen "Paniken Flutes".
        xx. Kurkku-purkki "Kuu".
        xx. Midlite "Escape From Paradise".
        xx. Djrowbot "Dbeat".
        xx. Codehead "Aamu neljältä melkein unohdin".
        xx. Tek "Acidmilk".
        xx. Nobody/Wild Light "The Continuing".
        xx. Arto Aaltonen, exape/orgazmo "Return of the ape".
        xx. TLA "Return of Kerppana".
        xx. Ilem "Point of No Return".
        xx. Zild/Café & Joonas Kasurinen "Gradience".
        xx. Clargoa "Dub Assembler".
        xx. Serotone "Deconstruction".
        xx. ilp0/piAstro "Crack Sinatra!".
        xx. yazu/kellari & jarkko "The changing moments of life".
        xx. Neutrium "No time to Heal".
        xx. Signal "Munchin Suicide".
        xx. Twilight Illusion "Gliding".
        xx. 4t Thieves/Kahvi "Aliens stole my hard drive".
        xx. Veli-Pekka Tätilä "Acid Blues".
        xx. Ele "se8kioe".
        xx. sauli "other kids always beat me".
        xx. ajj "orion bubble".
        xx. The Shallop Project "Torchrunner".
        xx. MetHill "Tears Of Eternity".
        xx. Effect "Shining eyes".
        xx. Olga P. "Jos Olisin Avaruusfolio".
        xx. Dreamie/Korpilakko "Aliens On Wheels".
        xx. gloom and trenedy/excess "poppis".
        xx. PPessi "Seven Sins of Life".
        xx. Castor "Hubbards Smile".
        xx. JDruid "Forgotten fruitcakes".
        xx. Squeek "Dinosaurus".
        xx. Julius Fletch "Assorted dubs-puddle".
        xx. shS "soulscape".
        xx. Carebear Superhoe "Weather Front".
        xx. Aikapallo "Sä et ole Paimiosta".
        xx. pahamoka/nolifesupportsystem "Night run".
        xx. Frozenbyte OY "Midnight Glamour".
        xx. Birdie "JungleLife".
        xx. Rocktech "Evangelion".
        xx. Terminus/ "Dismist".
        xx. [r]ed "3n0rgy".
        xx. Orphan Process (Markus Koskinen/Mikael Nuotto) "Rubik".
        xx. Q/kone creations "Newskool Chipkraft".
        xx. Teel "Just Like Steve".
        xx. Tarpan_X "Femme Fatale".
        xx. QBiC/Glacier "Drone".
        xx. tonic "Dandruff in Headphones".
        xx. ZaTTu "Arboretum".
        xx. lepra/piAstro "duskin la mente (intro)".
        xx. Mark Vera "Waves of Symphony".
        xx. ->LUKE<-/Amazement "Mixed Emotions".
        xx. Juha-Pekka 'JPQ' Kuusela "MikroKosmos".
        xx. Lawb/Traction "Iso paha susi".
        xx. Kari Siivonen "Distance".
        xx. Puti "Aria in C".
        xx. Grazin "Coffeebreaks".
        xx. Spacey "Folders-2".
        xx. Tspoon "Feeling bass".
        xx. kiste/Team "Fatima and her General".
        xx. Colon "Back Home".
        xx. KasvIuuTejUomA/tAAt "experimentaalinen anti-
        xx. lca "Limmaa ja lekkaa".
        xx. Arctic Flare "Influence Of Snow".
        xx. ThUmB/HeadcrasH "Crazy Strings".
        xx. dUx0m "Aethra Fate".
        xx. Kheldysh/extempore "Ode to Foot".
        xx. smirk/unique "Laksatiivi".
        xx. SPQR "Winter Land".
        xx. Hanga Gallon "Lock Yourself".
        xx. AdZ8Qb "It's fall coming".
        xx. humppamies/piAstro "Heir to the throne".
        xx. Devil Group "11cm".
        xx. jou! "jamminundaground".
        xx. SerialThrill "Thrilling Away".
        xx. Ernesto Aeroflot "Mäempää, Kenmpele - koepala".
        xx. deetsay "Hot Pants".
        xx. Mara "Aldelaan".
        xx. pnmf! "poikkeuksellista kokkausta."
        xx. Tommip "Phunkie Summer Nights".
        xx. JJR "Minor duet".
        xx. Zensei/Paavoharju "Kuun Suke".
        xx. ps/calodox "224_07072002".
        xx. Jonse/Kemikal Stratos "Banaalirapu".
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