Astrosyn '97

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13-14.12  Astrosyn 97.
AST97 was held at Sports Hall in Koszalin, Poland by Mawi (amiga) and Spawn
(pc). 370 people payed to visit; 188 on the Amiga, 120 on the PC, and
062 others. Ofcourse, women, organizers and media must be added to this
number. The Crazy competition was held instead of the usual Wild
competitions, and was a mixed Amiga and PC event. Great trend: There were
FAR more Amiga contributions to the competitions than there were PC ones!
Most graphics and music can be found on Aminet CD 24 demo/aga/ast_*.lha
Multichannel results completed by me; not all info was present. This was the
first time Astrosyn was arranged, a second party was held in 1999.

· Results from 'offcial party results published by Astrosyn Staff'.

amdemo  1.  Venus Art "Everything Dies".
        2.  Appendix "Capsule".
        3.  Alien Productions and Interceptors "Kinematic (preview)".
        4.  Genetic "Profanation".
        5.  Honoo "Nude Part 4".
        6.  Embora "Fecha".

am64k   1.  Venus Art "Quagmire".
        2.  Haujobb "Control".
        3.  Nah-Kolor "Ping-Phong".
        4.  Appendix "Up n'x".
        5.  Anadune "Whizzz!".
        6.  Phase-Truce "Phase".
        7.  Madwizards (Mawi) "Sacrebleu".
        8.  Kameli "Shit Happens".
        9.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Fuck".
        10. Victims "Dysentry".
        11. Embora "Tomar".
        12. Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Fuck #amigapl".

am4k    1.  Genetic "Little Bug".
        2.  Appendix "Useless".
        3.  Absurd "Prism Part 2".
        4.  Mawi "Brick".

pcdemo  1.  Norferin "Technological Impression".
        2.  Fuse "Memento Mori".
        3.  Hellcore "Narcotic Nap".
        4.  Cryogen "Shuvax".
        5.  Pointman "Res-7".

pc64k   1.  Hopeless "Shity Shity".
        2.  Enenzi "Mathematica".
        3.  Fuse "Formaline".

pc4k    1.  Hellcore "Sut".
        2.  Pointman "Excuse".
        3.  Pulse and Skid Row "4kb".
        4.  Grinders "Burn!".
        5.  Unknown "4kb".

gfx     1.  Mustafa/Cruel and Floppy "Voodoo".
        2.  Caro/Nah-Kolor and Phase Truce "Rycerzyk".
        3.  Visual/Nah-Kolor and Freezers "Calma".
        4.  Dzordan/Anadune "Addiction".
        5.  Madd/Cruel "Organizer".
        6.  X-Man "Mr. Bean".
        7.  Fame/Floppy and Pulse "Sunshine".
        8.  Kro/ex Dinx Project "Fly".
        9.  Foli "Ramoz".
        10. Insert/Amnesty "Siaba".
        11. Traitor/Phase Truce and TNG "Wyrocznia".
        12. Nelson "Outman".
        13. Zapi "Mordor".

raytrac 1.  Zoltan/Amnesty and Mawi "Underwater Pressure".
        2.  Muad`dib/Scum and Taski "Wrak".
        3.  Traitor/Phase Truce and TNG "Sniadanie".
        4.  Motion Studio "Dragon".
        5.  Crash "Lech".
        6.  Unknown "Dune 4 Ever".
        7.  Souless "Bad Toys".
        8.  Mokry "Pokoik".
        9.  Anty Jabol "Stop Making This Shit!".
        10. Zapi "Virtua".
        11. Tygryzek/CF "Letz Play".
        xx. Unknown "Amiga Power!!!".
        xx. The Generat/Union "Bill Gates".
        xx. Freak/Mad Virgin and Corrosion "Krdza".
        xx. Unknown "Landscape 20k".
        xx. Mare/Sailers "Universal Psychologic".
        xx. Unknown "Workdesk 2".

4chmus  1.  XTD/Mystic "Final Battle".
        2.  Prodigy/Oops! "Funkadelic".
        3.  Protas/FRS+NAH+MAWI+GRID "At The Sunrise".
            Dagon/Gel Design "Chemical Spped".
        5.  Cedyn/Freezers "Xcination".
        6.  Lunar "Checkpoint".
        7.  Dave "Mamo, Jade Na Goa!"
        8.  Standhall "Darkworld".
        9.  Marc/Haujobb and Sector 7 "It's Alright".
        10. Revisq/FLP+NAH+AND+FUSE+MSC "In a Deep".
        11. Kure4Kancer/RNO "Hominy Grits".
        xx. Raptor/Digital Corruption "Acidrave".
        xx. Deixas/Embora "Embora".
        xx. Gigant "Host Error".
        xx. Black Dragon/Honoo and LED "I'm Not Automatic".
        xx. Tuner/303 "Incorect".
        xx. Hris/Redbullz "Industrial Goa".
        xx. DJ.Esrepnikah/Kameli "Kameli Groove On".
        xx. Radium/Oops! "Life".
        xx. Corrosion/Darkage and GNS "Magic".
        xx. Binar/Phase Truce "Midnight".
        xx. Superfml/Appendix and PSL "Nebulous Sight".
        xx. Children/Kyllikki Saari "Orava".
        xx. Max "Pizda-Max".
        xx. Tzx/Thefect and Sector 5 "Poisoned Atmosphere".
        xx. Rakazi/Embora "Hienosto 2".
        xx. Dr.Max/ind and Grogon/Picco "Sense".
        xx. Pekka Pou/Da Jormas "Shake It Honey".
        xx. Popcorn/Picco and Absurd "Stative".
        xx. Adamsoft/Pic Saint Loup "Suicide".
        xx. Grogon/Picco "Thud-Wave".

multich 1.  Raze/Nah-Kolor "Mission Goa".
        2.  Falcon/Pulse "Ugly Duckling".
        3.  Superfml/Appendix and PSL "Sulphuric Acid".
        4.  Contriver/Suspect "Under Attack".
        5.  Protas/nAh^fRs^mWi and The Grid "Explore".
        6.  Key G/Pulse "Do What's Good".
        7.  Rav/Liberty and Rectangular Crisis "Dust In Motion".
            Jimmy Blunt/Monar "Habakook".
        9.  Muffler/Haujobb and DCS "Suggestopedia".
        10. LSD and Lexus/Hypnotize "Pocket Love Generator".
        11. Revisq/Floppy, Nah-Kolor, Anadune and Fuse "OrangeEXCS!".
        12. Boo/Talent and Spaceballs "Drifted".

crazy   1.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Chlopaki Nie Placa".
        2.  Untitled "Zdzisio".
        3.  Odbyt Design "W Kamiennym Stolcu".
        4.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Terminator".
        5.  Grzesiek Kocha Disko "Big-Tit Design".
        6.  Anty Jabol "Where We Go".
        7.  Voodka People "Life Moments".
        8.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Wyklad".
        9.  Przyjaciele Stefana B. "Mysza".
        10. Reksio Design "Mangadrome".
        xx. Unknown "Bluzger".
        xx. Monar "Button".
        xx. Anty Jabol "Czarci Jar".
        xx. Lamers "Imples".
        xx. Ufop Knojjn "Kristo".
        xx. Big-Bit Design "Multimedialna Zwora".
        xx. Monar "Palicmy Kapcia".
        xx. Odbyt Design "Perwersum 2".
        xx. Raptor/Digital Corruption "Propaganda".
        xx. Sfalowany Asfalt "Ravers" (PC/AVI).
        xx. Mayoness Art Productions "Teleshit".

video   1.  Big-Bit Design "VHS oo3?".
        2.  Big-Bit Design "Jak Programowac Peceta".
        3.  Kameli "Saturday Night Fever".

other   Cortez/Po!son "Budyn #2" (pc mag).
        Lexus "Klop #4" (pc pack).
        Madwizards (MAWI) "Excess #2 Promo" (amiga dentro).
        Madwizards (MAWI) "Save Da Vinyl #9" (amiga pack).
        Madwizards (MAWI) and Pic Saint Loup "Satelite '98 Preinvitation"
          (amiga/c64 file).
        Phase Truce "Glaz #2" (amiga mag).
        Redbullz "Redpack #2" (amiga pack).
        Scum "Orgazm #3" (amiga mag).
        Taski "Antydresiarz #3" (amiga mag).