Avantgarde (amiga)

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Avantgarde (1994-1995)


  • Knuckles (Yann Cebron, founder code swap)
  • Sonic (gfx music swap, ex Platin)
  • The Crow (Jens, founder ascii, doublememb Artcore, 01/95)
  • Cascay (gfx swap, ex Pulse)
  • Vadium (01/95)

Group History

Formed by 2Fast/TRSI and Donk/Pulse in the middle of august 1994. 2Fast changed his handle to The Crow (and later changed it back), and Donk to Knuckles. The group died somewhere between january and august 1995.

MG joined Savage in april.

German swapper Gangsta joined Scoopex.